Hey guys this is going to be a multi part blog about the 3 top uhc winners(toffugaming, hbomb, talekio) . Before We start I just want to let you guys know that I don't count practice UHC wins as offical victories. First of all the players. More to come on this blog very soon

Toffugaming- won season (2, 3, 5) two of these victories are solo these season are season 3 and 5 and one team victory season 2 which this teammates where Hbomb and Dowsey. No only does toffugaming have 3 wins he's second in total kills in cube uhc history.

Hbomb- won seasons ( 2, 8, 12, and 4*) all of Hbomb's wins have been team. Hbombs never one a solo season which make quite different from the other 2 top winners and finally season 4 does it count that's for you to decide hbomb himself said that he doesn't count uhc season as a win 

Talekio- won season ( 9, 10, and 12) talekio has had a great short uhc career so far always finishing in the top 10 and also getting a handful of kills in most of his seasons. I expect more wins in the near future for this young player.

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