Hello my friends today I'm going to talk about uhc season 13 (wow can't believe it time flies) but any way let's get into it shall we. Ok first of what type of season will season 13 be I believe it will be a solo season because last season was a team's of 3 enderdragon rush so a solo season just makes sense. How man Episodes will it be? I think either 8 or 9. Next how will be a dominating factor this season ibobtastic (JK) but for real I think grape,toffu,Dfield,campingrushur,tybzi,talekio,and kiingtong. And finally my prediction on the winner on uhc season 13 is strewberryjam Just got a good felling about him this season. Okay that's all for now plz tell me your predictions. Ok bye my friends <3

Your pal TBT

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