Hey what's up my friends it's TBT here and Damn it's been forever since I've done a blog but anyways guys I'm coming back to the wiki during Christmas break to help out a bit so yeah. But any I'm sure you've guys have heard the news by know that bayani will be leaving youtube after December which sucks since I'm a huge bayani fan and uhc season 15 will be his final season I'm 95% sure on that so bayani will be my choice for the winner of cube uhc season 15. Which season 15 will be solo and solo are my favorite type of season. Will talekio be in uhc season 15 I hope so he's a talented pvper and has like 3 wins already and has only competed in like 5-6 seasons and every time he make to the top 5. But honestly I'm pumped up for uhc season 15 I can't believe the cube is on the 15th season it fells like it was only yesterday when I was thinknoodles uhc season 1 perspective man time flies but anyways that all for now.


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