Hey guy it's your your favorite crazy person TBT here and today I would like to talk about uhc season 14 and a small update on TBT ok first guys I will be active on the WIKI for along time I'm got going anywhere I've been thinking man I've got a lot on my plate with school, girlfriend, family,wiki, and a bunch of other stuff going on so decided that I won't leave the wiki I'll just work on it when I have some free time on my hands. Ok let's get into it there are 5 people that I want to debut or return to the cube uhc

1. Aphmau I know for a while there have been rumors and gossip going around that Jess might join the uhc roster and maybe the next season of uhshe also I wrote in one of my past blog that she maybe will join the cube that would be cool.

2. mlghwnt- some people want steve to appear in a uhc season I'm one of them actually steve does have some history with uhc here participated in 2 uhc seasons with a different group. But Steve joining the cube and cube uhc is becoming more and more unlikely there are also rumors going around that Steve might join the minecrack group but who knows.

3. Mincraft4meh(M4M)- Chris needs to return in cube uhc season 14 I feel that the reason he was kick was because of the lack of uploads the same thing happened to laberostar after uhc season 2 but Chris is still good friends with the cube and and just returned to youtube a returning to uhc and may finally become a cube member because I personally think he deserves it.

4. Rumblecrumble- I was bumbed out when I found out that RUMBLE wasn't going to be in uhc season 13 as far as I know rumble has not been kicked from the uhc roster and the only reason he didn't compete was because of computer issues I think it was  so I think he will maybe return to uhc and will most likely be joining the cube very soon.

5. Huahwi- I haven't been following huahwi lately but he's a outstanding pvper and he's a official cube member so he'll most likely return to uhc but last I checked he's been inactive on YouTube for a while and I think he still Is so he might not return this season sorry huahwi fans but hey u never know he may shock us with a return.

Ok that's all for now do you agree with my list tell me who you would want to te return or debut on the uhc or maybe even the cube ok I love u guys talk to u guys later TBT out

Your pal TBT

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