Hey guys it's your favorite crazy person TBT here and today guys my blog has nothing to do with the cube at all. This blog talks about me. So let's get into it so in my last blog I said that I was possibly leaving the wiki and after thinking about it I've decide to retire from the wiki (crying while writing this :_:) and the reason for leaving is well because... of my multiple personalities and I know it doesn't make sense now but if you want answers go talk to eddy I already told him everything that's going on. I'm not in the mood to talk about it look my last day will be October 31st (Halloween) but hey guys this isn't a good bye thing this is a see you later thing. Do think my girlfriend will still be joining the wiki also before I retire I have one last request but I'll tell you guys that request at a later date. Well that's all for now later TBT OUT

Your pal TBT

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