Hey guys it's your favorite crazy person TBT here and today I'm making another prediction blog for uhc season 14. But first I got some things to say first congrats to akwardking he is the latest admin to join the staff so go congratulate him when u got a chance. Second I don't know when my girlfriend will make her debut on the WIKI our schedules are a little crazy at the moment but she should be coming very soon.  now third and finally this one I've talked about in the past but lately I've been debating whether to 100% retire from the wiki due to reason that I'll get into another time but I still don't know I'll update u guys on info when the the time comes. Ok now time for the prediction... wait it's impossible to give a prediction there is way to little information about the cube uhc season 14 other then it's most likely gonna be a team of two season my choice this season is toffugaming (get that 4th win buddy) ok talk to u guys later TBT OUT.

Your pal TBT

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