Okay so I was going to save this for a later date but yolo right so here it is fact about TBT.

1. My favorite professional sport is professional wrestling

2. My favorite color is clear

3. I'm a retired youtuber I did youtube ( with eddy and tons of other friends)

4. I have a fascination with myths and legends (because there is always a little bit of truth in every legend)

5. I have countless rivals.

6. I'm great at science and history.

7. I suck at English and math

8. I'm good a basketball

9. My favorite youtuber is beyond science

10. I'm 15 years old

11. My favorite number is 0

12. I am the oldest out of all my real/step siblings

13. My Nick name is the psychopath ( don't ask why though >8) )

Your pal TBT

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