Hello my friend it's your favorite crazy person TBT and yesterday was the season finally of uhc season 13 and man it was a good season but got pretty predictable after episode 4. Also this will be my last blog post for awhile if u wish to find out why just read my 12th blog post that might make it more clear.  Ok after that long intro let's get into it what is one thing that all long time uhc fans want that's right a return season we want some of the competitors from the past to return and give it another shot I can think of a couple ( I only add people who might have a shot at returning) ok I think yoshitomario is one player I want to return after cube uhc season 4 yoshitomario started to compete in other uhc series so I think it would be awesome to have him back in. Here's a quick list of former players that I personally want back in.

1. Yoshitomario

2. Msmissyminecraft



5. Steelsaint

6. Starboy103

7. Mincraft4meh

8. Stacysays

9. Parker_games

10. Bestginger9 

Tell me who you want back in if their will be a return uhc season ok love u guys and talk to u guys later 

Your pal TBT

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