Hey guys here is the start of the list.

1. Duljuice- yes shes almost on break so we'll be seeing more Dul. :)

2. Heyimbee- yes bee will most likely return to uhc do not worry bee fans.

3. It'skricken- the last time we saw kricken in cube uhc since season 3. She is currently on good terms with the cube so a possibly she will return.

4. Jemma-most likely not after thinknoodles left Jemma post a tweet saying with out thinknoodles it won't be the same so she probably won't return any time soon.

5. Ashleymarieegaming-possibly not much is know about her current status with the cube but hey you never know but see was kick for deleting footage so her chances ain't to high at the moment

6. Msmissyminecraft- maybe she is a outstanding pvper and she is good friends with devon but she lost her season 6 footage due to a system crash.

7. Minegal007- no she quit youtube after uhc season 6.

8. Ldshadowlady- possibly she never cut her footage she on good terms with the cube so may although her along with ashleymariee burned each other to death in season 4.

9. Stacysays- retired stacy competed from season 5-8 but she could return some day maybe

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