Hey what's up my Friends TBT here and IT's been a long time since I've done a Blog or been on this wiki for a long period of time in general but I just want to thank everyone who has been working there butts off trying to keep this wiki up to date. Today's actually my 2 year anivarsary on this wiki and I remember back when it was only a few of us editting people like B.E,Green,Hash,Brandon,Logan,N,and Myself along with a few other people man the memories and it's crazy how far this wiki has came the last few years and I'm excited to see this wiki to continue to grow over the next couple of years. Anyways I know that most of the Admin team has been inactive but thank you to everyone who has been kept this wiki up to to date in our absence or vactation whatever you want to call it XD. anyways I know this is just babbling but anyways let me just say it's been a honor being part of this project for the last few years and it's quite amazing to how far this wiki has came. anyways I plan to stick around the wiki for awhile and edit whenever I have some time on my hands. anyways it's crazy that it's been 2 years already and can't wait to see how far this wiki comes in the next few years. Thanks for listening to my babbling :)


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