Man it's been awhile since I last posted a blog and I've been stuck with life and working on YouTube you know I returned to the wiki a few days ago just to check up on things and to stop bye for old times sake and I gotta say it's kinda weird not seeing my old friends N, Logan, Brandon and the others sad to say there not currently active and I saw that they were demoted but because of being in active not for any bad terms what's so ever but anyways I came back I'm thinking about taking time off from youtube and coming back to the wiki and being way more active because to be honest I missed this wiki. And this is wiki actually means alot to me personally not just because I'm a huge cube fan but it helped me deal with my depression. When I started to edit on this wiki and eventually became an  officially admin on this wiki I felt like I had a purpose. And that was to help  make this a friendly and safe community for all communities. Since starting editing on here I've made some amazing friends, I've reached my goal of 1,000 edits on this wiki I've helped with the vandalism problem we had a while back. And for while I was  thinking that it was my time to leave the wiki and I did for months to be honest when I signed on for the first time in months I was shocked to see that I wasn't demoted for be in active for so Long but anyways. I came back with a proposal I am 100% back and active and burning I would like to request to be promoted  Bureaucrats if that's ok with you. Think about it trust me I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I'll talk to you guys later TBT OUT

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