Hey what's up my friends it's your favorite crazy person TBT and today I have some sad news. I'm just going to come out and say it Wednesday will be last day before I take a break for a while I've done everything on my to do list I've put all the notes I've been taking for the last couple months on the WIKI. Their are also other reason why I am taking a break but that for another day. But I have been talking to eddy and he will be coming back (I think) but I'm not 100% for sure on that he does have a busy schedule coming up with the big trip their planning and his cousin will be having her baby soon. (Ok now I'm just getting sidetracked now) but guys I'm not going any where. This not a "good bye thing" it's an "see you later thing". I promise that when I return I'll be better then every. Well I <3 u guys and talk to u guys later 8D 

Your pal TBT

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