Silence Must Fall

aka Will

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is Professional Procrastinator
  • I am Hungry
  • Silence Must Fall

    So I've been seeing a few blogs that are just some cool facts about random users on here. I thought that was a really cool thing to do because it really makes it seem like a friendly environment! I know I don't really edit this wiki that often, and when I do it's almost always Stacy's page, but I still thought I'd list some random facts about me, so here it goes:

    1. I am currently going to be a Junior in High School.
    2. My favorite Youtuber is StacyPlays.
    3. My favorite sport to play is Hockey, but I can't stand watching it (or any sport) on TV.
    4. I live in California
    5. Over the internet I'm very friendly and outgoing, but in real life I'm extremely shy.
    6. I have a fraternal twin brother, and we look absolutely nothing alike.
    7. I have two pet dogs.
    8. I've been on wi…
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