Weeeeelp, as you could see in one of Grasers videos, he STOPED the Cube SMP S.3.

And i broke a record ^-^

I got the fewest episode amount of em all!

I just wanted to show you what ive been doing off cam (not in a video sorry, bcz i didnt record)

1. The 1st time i died was in that big fight in the beginning of the series.

2. I set up an AFK death trap for myself and collected about 800 heads. My death amount is on 925 O.o!

3. I made a water house which i drowned in many times building it.

4. Ive been (AFTER episode 2) collecting myself about 4 elytras (including the one i did in Ep.2)

5. Me and H decided to start on a massive village RIGHT when the server was /stoped by Graser ...

So there you go!

Have an awsome day Jeffreys!

ParkerGames (talk) 11:24, November 23, 2016 (UTC)

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