Since so many people are writing about themselves I figured I should give it a try.

1. I'm gonna start grade 9 after summer D:


3. I'm a I basically like nothing that involves not sitting or lying down, ( it means i'm lazy for you simpletons out there )

4. I live in... well you probably never heard of it so no use of saying it now.

5. I used to live in Canada for quite a long time.

6. I'm extremely introverted

7. I have a Youtuber fan account on instagram @youtuberssoverload ( not fully cube related )

  • Parker liked one of my edits :D

8. I have a cat named Yuuki ( no i'm not japanese just to clear assumptions )

ya thats basically it...

question 4 U

1. what are your thoughts on glitter

2. youtuber you ABSOLUTELY HATE!!

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