• Noahhh

    Hi, I love all the blog posts about people because I'm a sociopathic stalker, so I'll make one about myself

    Fun Facts about me:

    1. Estoniass and I actually met on We both made fake accounts to create the dumbest people online and we pissed each other off a lot. We both confessed we both weren't real, so we pretty much got closer after that.

    2. As mentioned on my profile, my name isn't actually Noah. I roleplay as the character Noah from Total Drama because he's the best out there.

    3. I am a bookworm and I love to play video games. I'm not so into Playstations and XBoxes, but I'm a hardcore Nintendo gamer.

    4. I hate people. Of course there are a few exceptions (like hopefully you guys) but most people are so idiotic I can't stand them…

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