I don't really know why I logged back in, maybe to reminisce about the good times <3

I think I have reached a point in my life where I need to pay more attention to real life so I guess although this isn't a goodbye (to whoever is left to read this), its more of a.....see you later.

However I feel perhaps my time as a Cube editor has come to an end; I don't have the knowledge to contribute anymore (I haven't watched any Cube in months but I still love it all the same).

I'm quite fond of being N, so maybe one day you will see me on another wiki editing - if you do say hi!

I presume this will be the last post i make....for the meantime; I don't really have anything else to say, except Thank you. Thank you everyone.

And to whoever is reading this; my old editing friends, anonymous people who recognize me from wayyyyy back, or someone who doesn't really know why they are reading this, Thank you. As N, I am more than just a random British kid, and this community is amazing. Simply amazing.

We had the best of times, the best.

So, for (maybe) the last time;

See ya around,

'till the next time,

-N :)


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