So...this is awkward.


Long time no see, am I right?

I guess I just felt like checking in and saying hey, I'm alive, but I am still on an extended break from the Cube. IRL is crazy right now with relationships, health, education, the whole lot, so I just can't commit long hours to the Cube right now. Maybe you will see me in the next few months editing and updating again, I don't know. One thing is for sure, I will never abandon this wiki. I may be gone for a while, maybe even a long while (longer than it has been already atleast!) but I will eventually return :)

And when I do, y'all in this little corner of the internet will be SO sick of me XD

So in 'N SYNC style, (look it up, its catchy haha) BYE BYE BYE x

-N :)

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