Hey I'm Lilysplash!

I just realized there's a blog option on this wiki page.  Clueless, right?

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce random facts and things about me... Very unimaginative, I know.

So, the name Lilysplash came from when I was obsessed with the Warriors Cats series by Erin Hunter (still am!).  A typical Clan cat's name would have a prefix and a suffix, both usually nature-related.  So lillies are my favorite flowers, and it didn't help that I have a friend named Lili, so I used that as my prefix.  The "splash" derived from when I was looking into the SkyClan comics, and found a cat with the name Nettlesplash, meaning that "splash" is a possible suffix to use.  I've always considered myself a RiverClan cat (though now I'm debating between that and WindClan), so the "splash of water" idea worked out.  Plus, it sounded cool.

And that's it about the origin of my username!  I'll probably post some more posts (repetitive much?), as blogging is one of the many passions I have.




Lil' Banner I made for myself

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