I have added some new badges which are now available through editing the Cube UHC Seasons specifically, and naming them after the members of the Cube, like Dfield, NoBoom, PrivateFearless and many more!

In addition to those, I have revamped all of the wiki contribution badges and turned them into Cube Members as well! I have logically (as logical as I can that is) allocated specific members to these pages! For example, the Graser badge is achieved when 365 days have been spent on the wiki, this is because Graser has been in all Cube UHC's. Poke is next of couse therefore he is 200 days spent on the wiki, followed by TYBZI, as Grape has a different badge assigned to him!

So good luck on getting these badges, hope you like them! If you think that a badge shouldn't be like so, please tell me! I am playing to revamp all of them soon so stay tuned!


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