Ok, the seasons been out for a bit now so I thought ya'll wikiers and I could have a conversation about the season and your predictions. This blog is a little late considering episode 3 is coming out in half an hour (#hype) but I figured might as well make. So, who are you watching this season? Who do you think will be the most over powered? Who do you think will become victorious or claim the omst kills to there name? What do you think about the newish roster?

I'm watching a lot of perspectives this season. I'm watching Graser, Straub, Grape, Huawhi, Talekio, Tomahawk, Poke, Tofuu, M4M, and Mitch. I personally think that Tomahawk or Grape might be the powerhouse in terms of stuff. I'm kind of upset about M4M's and Poke's start in terms of health though. I really wanna see one of them pull a win. I'm glad that it's not the same exact roster to, I think the new people will be able to spice up the season after so long of non-exiting seasons. Espicially with my boy Hawaii (lol) in the mix... 

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