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  • I live in Murica
  • I was born on July 19
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  • HumanHashtag99

    1. I dislike most people. Including myself. All we are are greedy, inconsiderate, ignorant wankers.

    2. My favorite TV shows are Friends, That 70's Show, The Inbetweeners, and Jimmy Neutron.

    3. I own my own SMP and TeamSpeak server that are filled with creepy pedos (Sorry you have to be one of them Estnoiass)

    4. My favorite foods are Tacos and Pickles.

    5. I love music (The good kind) and actually record some of my own as I play the guiter, drums, and I sing.

    6. Some of my biggest musical inspirations are The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Nirvana, and Ed Sheeran.

    7. I'd love to visit/live in England or Austrailia, but I'm stuck in the U.S. with all the other skrubs.

    8. I'm 12 and still probably have the lowest voice out of everyone here on the wiki.

    9. My fav…

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  • HumanHashtag99

    Ok, the seasons been out for a bit now so I thought ya'll wikiers and I could have a conversation about the season and your predictions. This blog is a little late considering episode 3 is coming out in half an hour (#hype) but I figured might as well make. So, who are you watching this season? Who do you think will be the most over powered? Who do you think will become victorious or claim the omst kills to there name? What do you think about the newish roster?

    I'm watching a lot of perspectives this season. I'm watching Graser, Straub, Grape, Huawhi, Talekio, Tomahawk, Poke, Tofuu, M4M, and Mitch. I personally think that Tomahawk or Grape might be the powerhouse in terms of stuff. I'm kind of upset about M4M's and Poke's start in terms of …

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  • HumanHashtag99

    Your Cube History!

    December 6, 2014 by HumanHashtag99

    So erm, everyone started to make on of these blog things and I felt left out on the fun so I decided to make one as well!

    Today, I want to hear your storys on how you first came upon The Cube family and your first opinions of it.

    I remember my experience as if it was a little more than a year ago (oh wait it was) when I had been stumbling around on this cheerful green frog's channel when I saw Ultra Hardcore Season 2. By the title I was instantly hooked. I had watched the whole season and found myself curious to the first season so I found it on Graser's channel and was hooked yet again and loved the personality. I then watched more videos from the group and loved every least one of them!

    So ehm, what's your story?

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