• GreenMatius

    My Explanation

    July 13, 2015 by GreenMatius

    Hey guys. Hope this blog post will be posted as this is my 2nd attempt since this wikia decided to crash on me and my over written blog post was washed away. But anyway, to the point - for those who noticed, I have been really slow in the edits of the wikia despite being an admin and from the bottom of my heart - i truly apologize for my lack of commitment. As a way of me saying sorry, these are the best constructed explanations I can give. 

    A bit of history on my cubemc wikia journey: I started back in the minecraftfanon wikia, focusing solely on the uhc summaries as there was only one article dedicated to Cube UHC then and BE had done most of the main works already. Essentially there was nothing else I need to contribute and I was fine wi…

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  • GreenMatius

    Off For a Month

    April 21, 2015 by GreenMatius

    Hey guys. Some might notice my recent dissapearance. Anyway just to inform im doing fine. Been busy with a couple of other commitments. Im also flying off to oversea for a week plus. I have also started watching Season 8 for the summary so that took most of my free time. So I'll be busy for like maybe up till end of May. I'll pop in now and then to see if there is any contributors needs blocking or edits needs reverting.

    Btw, List of Cube Ultra Hardcore players page is open for public edit quite a while ago. Feel free to edit it

    Have a great day and see ya then!

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