• Walks onto stage in awkward manner*

Okay, so I thought I was in a rush for my last blog post, but it turns out there wasn't. There's actually a lot more I want to say besides that.

Here's a follow-up on info about my hiatus: I spend too much of my time on the wiki (if you've noticed, I barely even sleep), so I get encouraged to procrastinate on my homework, followed by a severe time crunch afterwards. I want to reduce some of my stress, by using my phone less (yes, I use it to edit) and actually focusing on my assignments. It hasn't done anything yet, but I'm fearing it'll get worse, combined with the clamor in my household and depression.

Don't get me wrong, but I love this wiki and I love all the contributors, but I just don't want my grades to plummet and fall into a lava lake.

There's another thing I want to say; it's about my gender.

If you've seen my bio, it says that I identify as a girl. Honestly, I feel like I don't consider myself either male or female, so I try to balance it between the real world and the online. I identiy as female online, while I identify as male IRL. I just wanted to educate anyone who doesn't really know the difference between sex and gender, so be prepared for a sopoforic destruction.

Sex is what's in between your legs, a ding dong or a varguba, or somr variation (intersex). Gender is between your ears, your brain. What you identify as. Bigender, transgender, or agender are types of a disorder called dysphoria, and I don't know what type of it I have. I would consider yourself lucky if you were cisgender, where your gender and sex match up, provided you don't have to come out as trans/a/bigender. Always ask everyone what pronouns they prefer, whether it's male (him/his), female (her/hers) or gender non-binary (zi/they/them/something else). It's respectful if you refer to them as what they identify as.

Well, I guess that's it.

Peace out girl scout. ~Eesti

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