Hey guys it's your buddy eddy here today is a up and down type of day the good news my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she was born on July 30th at 10:30P.M  I might put some pictures of the baby on my wiki page if I remember. Ok time for the bad News I'm retiring from the wiki  which sucks because I had some many things that I wanted to do but I've been very busy. The reason why I'm leaving is we'll school and I'm getting a job this coming fall and winter also ok for the record no one I the cause of me leaving in fact I really like u guys your all awesome and the wiki it's self I looks amazing and has a bright future. One last thing I don't know when or I'll be return anytime soon but I might make small returns here and there when I have time but I thing that's everything for now later dudes.

Your buddy eddy

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