• Eddybomb619

    Hey guys it's eddy here and currently I've been thinking about returning for a couple of months just for some fun also I heard that uhc season 14 is coming up very soon so I'm excited about that. Also I heard that TBT got a new girlfriend or something and she lives in Australia man TBT that's a really long distance relationship. But any ways just wanted to Announce my return I'll probably return by the end of August. But just a small update ok that's all for now guys talk later.

    Your buddy eddy

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  • Eddybomb619

    Hey guys it's your buddy eddy here today is a up and down type of day the good news my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she was born on July 30th at 10:30P.M  I might put some pictures of the baby on my wiki page if I remember. Ok time for the bad News I'm retiring from the wiki  which sucks because I had some many things that I wanted to do but I've been very busy. The reason why I'm leaving is we'll school and I'm getting a job this coming fall and winter also ok for the record no one I the cause of me leaving in fact I really like u guys your all awesome and the wiki it's self I looks amazing and has a bright future. One last thing I don't know when or I'll be return anytime soon but I might make small returns here and there w…

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  • Eddybomb619

    OK guys I'm going to try to make this short and sweet because I'm tired and this is my 8th attempt at this blog damn computer so I'm writing this on my tablet (sorry got side tracked) but guys the reason why I was gone is 

    1. My cousin will be delivering her baby by the end of the month so we went to visit her.

    2. I was gone on a trip we went to California and it was so fun. :)

    3. Try to catch up on the cube uhc because I only watch season (1-5) when I started and now I've watched( 6-8 and 11-13) so almost caught up.

    So any ways  this was my return blog :) well talk to u guys later eddy out.

    Your buddy eddy

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  • Eddybomb619

    Hi everyone my name is eddy and to day I'm going to tell you guys a little about me. 

    1. My favorite professional sport is professional wrestling 

    2. My favorite colors are black and white

    3. My favorite number is 13

    4.I'm a retired youtuber (I did youtube with TBT and many other friends)

    5. I'm 15 years old

    6. I live in south dakota

    7. I get nervous around girls

    8. I don't talk a ton 

    9. My favorite youtuber is ashleymarieegaming

    10. I'll be in the 9th grade this comming year.

    11. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters and I'm the second oldest

    12. I'm also have the Nickname "the silent prankster"

    hope this helped :)

    your buddy eddy

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