So Cube UHC season 19 is confirmed by Graser10 & Kiingtong. (And even though Will makes clickbait titles, they were both being serious about it in the last 20 seconds of the vid) So what is your guys opinion with a UHCs not 5 months apart? Who will win this season?

I definitely don't think Grape will win, He's gotten slower and rusty, and whilst being one of the better ones still, he might never be the best again.

Dfield has another shot at winning his 3rd season. He is a great player with great strategies, and overall might win again.

iIFnATiK is a great solo uhc player (despite s.19 being a team season) and I really think that if he plays well, he has a shot at this.

Curtis could take a second win, being a great UHCer, and taking his skill from Huahwi, into the  UHC game. He can win.

CreeperFarts; eh, I don't think so. He get's very unlucky in his UHC's, and usually relies on a good teammate. If he teams with a great player, then sure, he might win. But otherwise, I'm doubting him.

PrivateFearless. He's slowed down like Grape, but is still a fast clicker and a raging beast. I think he can take it if he doesn't have any distractions from Dfield & Curtis, and get's lucky in the caves. His horrible ping doens't take him down.

NoBoom won't do any better this season then last UHC's preformance. Not a kill most likely, and almost definitely not a win. (Unless he teams with Dfield, Curtis, or CreeperFarts.)

Kiingtong is a great pvper and always showed great numbers in UHC. I think he can make a good preformance in this UHC if he doesn't suicide again.

Who do you think will win? Votes below.

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