Hello fellow cube wiki people.

I guess this is technically Blog 3, because I did make one on Season 19 predictions and one on something else.

But getting started, I don't know how to do these. XD (Facepalm x2) Anyway, Huahwi did state on Twitter he will make a video after Christmas, because we aren't good enough to get one ON Christmas. Ugh.. 

Huahwi also rode his bike and some stalker found him. That was interesting. What is with Huahwi and riding bikes for 5 hours straight...  UHC Season 19 Predictions now, lets get this going! Right off the start, I honestly don't think Fin would win another season, unless Dfield doesn't come back. In this case, maybe. Grapeapplesauce doesn't seem strong enough anymore in UHC. Not a threat. Huahwi might possibly return, but he is really trying to stay away from the Cube, and I really don't get why. Curtis probably not. Been rusty ever since Huahwi left him. When will the season start? I already know myself, early-mid January. Don't believe that I am the master of predicting things? Go to my message wall. Burning Edje was pretty serious about it when I estimated the date of Season 13's premiere. 

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