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  • I was born on February 23
  • I am Male
  • EchoInck

    Hello fellow cube wiki people.

    I guess this is technically Blog 3, because I did make one on Season 19 predictions and one on something else.

    But getting started, I don't know how to do these. XD (Facepalm x2) Anyway, Huahwi did state on Twitter he will make a video after Christmas, because we aren't good enough to get one ON Christmas. Ugh.. 

    Huahwi also rode his bike and some stalker found him. That was interesting. What is with Huahwi and riding bikes for 5 hours straight...  UHC Season 19 Predictions now, lets get this going! Right off the start, I honestly don't think Fin would win another season, unless Dfield doesn't come back. In this case, maybe. Grapeapplesauce doesn't seem strong enough anymore in UHC. Not a threat. Huahwi might po…

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  • EchoInck

    Another Cube quiz!

    December 16, 2016 by EchoInck

    Got another cube quiz up and running! Check it out, tell me what you got.

    Quiz Link

    Like last time, sending out tweets to TBT, B.E, AU, Jammy, & Lily.

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  • EchoInck


    December 16, 2016 by EchoInck

    Hey Jammy.

    I heard that you are leaving the cube wiki. Wiki is a stressful place, I know that much. 

    If this is true, I'll miss you and your hard work on here. 

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  • EchoInck

    Hello everyone 

    So I  created a quiz on jetpunk over the Cube wiki: The 10 Most points by a Cube Wiki'er.

    I was kinda bored and decided to create it, and wanted some of you to try it out. Later on I will create others for the actual Cube too, which will be super interesting.

    I will also send tweets out to you guys too when I can. (Burning, AU, Jammy, Lilysplash, TBT)


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  • EchoInck

    UHC Season 19

    October 31, 2016 by EchoInck

    So Cube UHC season 19 is confirmed by Graser10 & Kiingtong. (And even though Will makes clickbait titles, they were both being serious about it in the last 20 seconds of the vid) So what is your guys opinion with a UHCs not 5 months apart? Who will win this season?

    I definitely don't think Grape will win, He's gotten slower and rusty, and whilst being one of the better ones still, he might never be the best again.

    Dfield has another shot at winning his 3rd season. He is a great player with great strategies, and overall might win again.

    iIFnATiK is a great solo uhc player (despite s.19 being a team season) and I really think that if he plays well, he has a shot at this.

    Curtis could take a second win, being a great UHCer, and taking his skill f…

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