After researching for a bit, I made one theory as to why Kermit, Hbomb, Devon, Dolphin, and Bee didn't compete in S11.  Okay, so first. If they did record a Practice UHC, then deleted because it was boring or another reason then maybe these five people did join initially, and did have the recording. But since it was rescheduled they couldn't have competed because

  • Hbomb busy with life
  • Devon was in the middle of a surgery
  • Kermit has a baby to take care of
  • Dolphin and Bee were off to their Aussie trip. 

If this is the case then we would have had a total of 24 players, a full set for a regular UHC season. People has been saying that the only reason 8BitHomo and Pat joined was because they are substitute. Who were they subbing to, it could have been Bee and Dolphin. They were in a trip, but the number if players they had was too short, which is why they chose 8BitHomo and Pat. Pat even made a video about quitting UHC for good. It was what confused me the most about this season.  

With Bee and Dolphin crossed out, we have 3 spots open. Open for H, Devon, and Kermit. They probably would have joined, but couldn't because of irl bidness (I'm still upset that H and Devon didn't join because they are one of my favorite perspectives to watch).  I also need to remind you that this UHC was recorded last week on Friday, while Dolphin, Jeruhmi, Bee, and Straub were on the trip. Straub left after because of not "fitting in" or some shiz like that (Not going into this personal bidness). It could have also been because the day of the recording was on THAT day. Maybe it was a coincidence, probably not... 

Which concludes my theory.I know, I should have wrote this on a blog or something, but I didn't feel like it. 


I added put in in a blog, so now you can discuss.  If it wasn't rescheduled we would have gotten, the same players without Pat or Dylan. Only getting 2 new players (Rumble and Huahwi) and the same 20 same players from previous seasons. 

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