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    Cube UHC Tiers

    September 21, 2015 by BurningEdje

    I've been planning to do a tier tables of the Cube UHC participants. 

    This tier consists of the players that are capable of making to the finale, while maintaining a good track recod. They usually are the most dominant participants/teams. Usually great at PvP skills. 

    • Bayani (or T4)
    • Grape 
    • HBomb 
    • Tofuu
    • Talekio

    Tier four are the players that almost made it to the finale but still maintain their health while killing a few competitors. They usually play a passive-agressive game. 

    • Devon
    • Dfield
    • Defek (or T3)
    • DrPlayStation
    • Flexvoid (or T3)
    • Graser (or T3)
    • Huahwi (due to PvP skills)
    • Kiingtong
    • MC4Meh
    • MrMitch
    • Tomahawk (or T5)
    • Rusher
    • Tybzi

    Are average competitors, playing a passive game. They usually survive to the half-way mark, but aren't easily seen as a threat. Howev…

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    A legend.

    July 6, 2015 by BurningEdje

    All information shouldn't be taken seriously as it is suppose to be funny. 

    There was this legend or a myth about this one thing. It was called Cube Evolution. Only a handful of people alive at that time only remembers this because it soon died afterwards. The legend states that if you get your phone out and search up only few information regarding this legend can be found. Not even the creators know where it went as it was merely forgotten, disappearing from this world.

    On a special occasion, when you're online searching for this myth, a pop up. However, it has only been rumors saying that it is making a return. Even the creators want to forget about it because remembering these types of memories oly brings out nightmarish dreams and halluc…

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    Text may be triggering to others. Please, re-consider before you continue reading. Although it might not be your type of triggering, it might be to others. Be careful :)

    Lately, I've been slacking on editing, delaying the edit because I don't know why. I'm fine, but lately I've just been lazier. I wanted to finish a few pages before the next week, but procrastination has been taking over my body. 

    For example, the Elimination page was suppose to be done, maybe 2-3 weeks ago, while school ended. Another page is the very outdated UHC pages, S1-S12. There is also the dilemma of wanting to finish every single personal pages for all of the people that have a personal page. There is also an issue of overcrowding each personal page because putting …

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  • BurningEdje

    Hello there, it's me again. Since the recent season of Cube UHC ended, I thought we could talk about the upcoming UHCs and what can the Cube do to make those seasons interesting. 

    What makes a UHC season interesting? Do you think that they should expand more of their horizon by doing something traditional and try something new? Do you like team seasons or solo seasons? Do you prefer a season that's long like 9-10 episodes or short like 6-7 episodes? Also comment things that you would like to add in the gamemode if you can. 

    Seriously, go all out and explain what you want. 

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    June 28, 2015 by BurningEdje

    I wanted to this little survey for a while now, but real life has been keeping me busy. 

    Just answer these questions down below.

    1. How long have you been in this wiki?
    2. How did you hear about the wiki?
    3. How did you discover the Cube group?
    4. Which Cube member(s) (past and present) did you watch first?
    5. Who is your favorite Cube member(s) (past and present)?
    6. Which series do you prefer to watch (UHC, SMP Evo, etc.)?
    7. What is your favorite UHC Season?
    8. How can this wiki improve?
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