Ok, we all knew it would come eventually but what we didn't know was who would possibly join.

Many people come to mind like 8-Bit Homo, PrivateFearless, Echoo, NoBoom, Rumble, Talekio, etc. and since there are members leaving left and right they need to fill those positions, but I want to know who do you think will be added when they do add some more members?

My guesses are: 8-Bit Homo, Echoo, NoBoom, PrivateFearless and Talekio. Even though there are many more that have a chance, I feel like the group would only want to add a couple at a time and then just add more later.

P.S. During one of DField's streams he said they are currently "interviewing" people to be added to the Group but they haven't told anyone if they'd be added or not.


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