Hello ladies and gents! Today i will proudly announce that I will be opening my MC Realm and make it into a cube fan server that i will be uploading to YouTube!

Wanna join? I got (at moment of writing) 19 slots open for Players. COPYnPASTE The sing up form down below and awnser the Q's. Hopefully you can join :)

Minecraft Username:

Shortname (not needed):

Speciality (Building etc.):

Favorite Cube Member:

How long youve been watching cube:



Skype (not needed):


YT Link:

Gender (Im trying to have a even amount):

Promise to not greif:

Promise to play NICE pranks:

Promise to be Nice to EVERYONE:

Birthday (Not needed):


Minecraft Username: harry7033

Shortname: Harry

Speciality: Building

Fav. Cube member: Parker_Games

How long watching: Since start of Season 1

Age: 13

Activity: Its my realm, duh

Skype: *Embarrasing* Soon

Recording to YouTube: YES!!

Link: (im on mah phone)

Gender: Male

All of the promises: Duh.

Birthday: 13th August.

We will have seasons that streches out for a year. Season 1, 3, 5 and so on will have new worlds. UHCs is NOT planned.

Before you shout "Guh diz iz cupyroit" ive already checked whit Graser by YT Comment

So cube fans, we are the 2nd generation and we will go in our stars footsteps!

Cya! AHG! Bottlehabber! 17:18, November 10, 2016 (UTC)

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