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Trends or Memes are usually vlogs, videos, quotes, or photos that quickly become popular in social media. Cube trends are usually started by Graser10, such as I'm Bored, Spring, Summer, and the most popular one, Pizza. These trends are usually distributed through YouTube, then several Cube members and close friends soon participate by performing the same actions as the one who began the trend, Graser10 thus beginning the chain. 

I'm Bored 

The I'm Bored trend was the first trend that began. 

Graser posted a rare in-real-life video showing his set-up, his cats and basically telling everyone he was bored. Other members of the Cube decided to prank/take the mick out of Graser by posting more 'I'm Bored videos in the style of 'I'm Bored Two', 'I'm Bored Three' etc. Each video mimicked Graser's, with the person showing their set-up, pets, their face and anything else in their room.

Graser's Original Video: I'm Bored

Bayani: I'm Bored Two

HBomb: I'm Bored Three

Grape: I'm Bored Four

Dul: I'm Bored Five

Vas: I'm Bored Six

Defek: I'm Bored Seven

Devon: I'm Bored Eight

Tomahawk: I'm Bored Nine

Tybzi: I'm Bored Ten

Kricken: I'm Bored Eleven

Pat: I'm Bored Twelve

Fin: I'm Bored Thirteen

Twitter Avatar and Handle

Egg Avatars 

A few Cube members jumped in the bandwagon to change their Twitter avatars into eggs resembling their Minecraft skin. Most members followed this trend and it quickly became popular in the Twitter community. 

Halloween Themed Names

Near October, a few Cube members changed their Twitter name to be Halloween-themed. At these times, several followers also changed their name to follow with the trend. This Halloween-name trend is extremely popular throughout the entire Twitter community during the month of October.


Graser's Spring

Tomahawk's Spring Two

Bayani's Spring Three


Graser's Summer

Tomahawk's Summer Two

HBomb reacts to Summer - H reacted to Graser's video during one of his Twitch livestreams.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


The Pizza is still ongoing, and has accumulated the most vlogs with 20 and counting. 

Similar to the 'Bored' series, Graser accidentally started the 'Pizza' series.

He tested out his new camera and compare it to his IPhone, he and uploaded:


As Graser is a well known fan of pizza, and he created the 'Bored' video chain. Shortly after, several of the other friends and Cube members uploaded videos mimicking Graser's original video to mock him and his unique vlogging style, each video showing them order a pizza, looking at random stuff in their residences, having a sopoforic voice, and everyone doing a side-by-side with their camera quality vs their phone quality just like in Graser's original video.

Straub: Pizza Two

TYBZI: Pizza Three

TYBZI: Pizza Three-point-five

Tofuu: Pizza Four

Peckett: Pizza Five

Will: Pizza Six

Bee: Pizza Seven

Kevin: Pizza Eight

Grape: Pizza Nine

Talekio: Pizza Ten

Rusher: Pizza Eleven

HBomb: Pizza Twelve

Bayani: Pizza Thirteen

Dolphin: Pizza Fourteen

Dfield: Pizza Fifteen

Kermit: Pizza Sixteen

Stacy: Pizza Seventeen

Tomahawk: Pizza Eighteen

Ramos: Pizza Nineteen

Huahwi: Pizza Twenty

NoBoom: Pizza Twenty Two

Trying Food

Grape made a video about him taste testing real life grapples, which is soon followed by other YouTubers in the Cube family to make videos about them eating foods corresponding to themselves.

Grape: Trying Grapples in Real Life

Straub: Trying Strauberryjam in Real Life

Tofuu: Trying Tofuu in Real life


Straub has recently started Sandwich which is probably a new trend. Many Youtubers have named their episodes incorrectly.

Straub: Sandwich

NoBoom: Sandwich 2

Talekio: Sandwich 3

Tofuu: Sandwich 3*

Rusher: Sandwich 4

DField: Sandwich 5

Poke: Sandwich 6

Bee: Sandwich 7

H: Sandwich 8

Ant: Sandwich 9

Graser: Sandwich 10

TYBZI: Sandwich 11

Echo: Sandwich 12

Grape: Sandwich 13

Will: Sandwich 14

Hyper: Sandwich 15

Isaac: Sandwich 16

Tanner: Sandwich 17

  • *Tofuu incorrectly named his video Sandwich 3 rather than sandwich 4.


Cereal was recently started by NoBoom, which was followed by a few others and seems to be a throwback to Sandwich and Pizza.

NoBoom: Cereal

Poke: Cereal 2

SeeDeng: Cereal 3

Ant: Cereal 4

iiFNaTiK: Cereal 5

MrMitch: Cereal #6

Hyper: Cereal 7