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Hey, what's up guys! It's TheCampingRusher, here!

—TheCampingRusher, Intro







February 5, 1997



Date Joined

July 18, 2011



Cube SMP
Date Joined

November 2013

Cube Ultra Hardcore
Date Joined

September 2013


Elimination History

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Cube Evolution
Date Joined

August 2014

Date Left

November-December 2014

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TheCampingRusher, more commonly known as Rusher, (and Brayden by close friends) is a Canadian Minecrafter and YouTuber. Rusher is a real life friend of MrMitch361 and ChildDolphin. Rusher was a member of the Cube group and plays on The Cube SMP, UHC and Cube Evolution servers. He was also a member of H3M.

Rusher Real Life

Real Life

Factions on the Archon

Rusher, ChildDolphin and MrMitch361 played factions on their server, the Archon as TeamNudist, which is now known as Famil1y although the name is speculated to soon change. Other friends include RumbleCrumble, also a member of TeamNudist, who has now left the show but is planned to come back one day. A new addition to the team is M4V3R1CK who often records with Rusher.

Cube UHC

Season 2

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Season 3

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Season 4

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Season 5

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Season 6

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Season 7

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Season 8

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Season 9

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Season 10

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Season 11

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Season 12

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Season 13

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Elimination History

  • Rusher first appeared in season 2.
  • He did not participate in seasons 17 - 19.
Season Team Status Episode(s) Kill(s) Rank Team Rank
S.2 The Twerkaholics Slain by HBomb94 - The Symptomatic Chimps 10 2 4th 3rd
S.3 - Slain by Bayani 9 1 7th -
S.4 Orange Team Shot by ThatOneTomahawk - Purple Team 6 0 20th 2nd
S.5 - Slain by Tofuugaming 10 0 4th -
S.6 Team Lasers Slain by Grapeapplesauce  - Team Blades 9 0 5th 3rd
S.7 - Killed by DulJuice 2 0 23rd -
S.8 Tigermilk Slain by TYBZI - Roflcopters 7 0 12th 2nd
S.9 - Slain by Tofuugaming 8 0 7th -
S.10 White Team Slain by Kiingtong - Magenta Team 9 0 3rd 2nd
S.11 - Slain by Dfield 5 0 17th -
S.12 The Ducklings Secondary Winner 7 3 1.5st 1.5st
S.13 - Slain by Grapeapplesauce 7 0 4th -
S.14 Black Team Slain by Dfield - ChiTown 4 0 19th
S.15 - Slain by Dfield 3 1 17th -
S.16 - Slain by CreeperFarts 5 0 11th -


That one will smack you right in the patella!

Dul NO! - UHC Season 7

Rough like the wood of a bark tree.

Rusher: We're going to mate - MEET. I MEAN MEET!
Bayani: I'm down for either of those


  • His death in the seventh season of Cube UHC has become a reoccuring meme.
  • Rusher, along with Bayani and Pat, are the only participants to ever receive the 1.5st rank.
  • He is majoring in Business. 
  • He is one of the only UHC participants to have never have died to the environment.
  • He was the must subscribed YouTuber in the Cube after Kermit in Season 12. (~season 14 if you count SMP)
  • He placed 12th in all seasons of Cube vs. H3M he participated in, Seasons 1, 2 and 3.


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