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Date Joined

April 13, 2013


Temporary break

Cube Ultra Hardcore
Date Joined

December 2014

  • S11: 3rd
  • S12: 17th
  • S14: 22nd
Season Span

11-12, 14

Episode Count


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RumbleCrumble (also referred to as Rumble) is an American YouTuber who's content is mostly based in Minecraft. Rumble was part of the Faction Group known as Nameless, which is now known as Family along with MrMitch361, TheCampingRusher, ChildDolphin, and others. He also participated in Cube Ultra Hardcore Season 11, Cube Ultra Hardcore Season 12, and Cube Ultra Hardcore Season 14.

RumbleCrumble Real

Real Life.

UHC Stats, Charts, Summaries

Season 11

As Dfield climbed down the hill, after knocking down Bayani from the hill, he was faced with an incoming Rumble. Unfortunately for Rumble, he got slain by Dfield with a couple of hits, and so was crowned with 3rd place for UHC Season 11.

Season 12

Season 12 was an ender dragon race, with teams of 3. Rumble was teamed up with StrauberryJam and KermitPlays, making team Kerumbly Jam. Kerumbly Jam decided to abandon any nether plans, and so focused on getting apples and enchants. After the ender dragon was killed, the remaining 4 teams decided to have a PvP fight until the end. As Kerumbly Jam arrived at 0,0, they saw Ugly Robots and (#)ChiTownKillerz fighting. Not wanting to get left behind in the fight, they started to shoot (#)ChiTownKillerz. As soon as Hbomb got killed, the (#)ChiTownKillerz ran off, only to be persued by Ugly Robots, who were getting persued by Kerumbly Jam. Eventually (#)ChiTownKillerz and the Ugly Robots got killed, and so Rumble joined his teammates to a 3v3 fight with The Ducklings. Unfortunately for Rumble, he got killed by Bayani, with fall damage.

Season 14

The odds were not in his favour for RumbleCrumble, who at episode 1, got snuck up by a creeper. He died by the creeper explosion, and was the first person to die in the season.

Elimination History

  • He first appeared in season 11.
  • He did not compete in season 13.
  • He did not compete in Season 15
  • He did not compete in Season 16
  • He did not compete in Season 17
  • He did not compete in Season 18
  • He did not compete in Season 19 (Although he was in the intro scene)
Season Team Status Episode(s) Kill(s) Rank Team Rank
S.11 - Slain by Dfield 9 0 3rd -
S.12 Kerumly Jam Knocked off of a cliff by Bayani - The Ducklings 7 1 17th 6th
S.14 - Blown up by Creeper 1 0 24th -


Caw Caw!!

—Rumble before dying from a Creeper explosion, Cube UHC Season 14: Episode 1


  • RumbleCrumble did not compete in Season 19, although he was in the intro scene.
  • His rank average is 14.6.
  • His kill average is 0.25.


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