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The MaxPack SMP was originally created by Kricken and Dul. It originally started as a modded survival for the two. It became the same to more, with numerous mods in the modpack. Due to its numerous mods, the ending was unexpected.



Members Date Joined # of Ep. Reasons For Leaving
Kricken 01/25/14 (1- N/A
DulJuice 01/25/14 (1- N/A
Acidic_Blitzz 02/27/14 17 Explored Most Mods
Tazreese 03/01/14 14 Low Views
Thinknoodles 03/18/14 2 Unknown Reason
NoahcraftFTW Unknown 0 Unknown Reason
SGC_Barbierian Unknown 0 Unknown Reason

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