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Players of UHC Season 2

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Cube Ultra Hardcore (official name since Season 8) is a game mode organized by Cube SMP member and founder, Graser, where players are placed in a randomly generated map. Thinknoodles was also a UHC organizer up until he left in Season 5. Players have to survive off of available resources and fight each other to become the last player or team standing for the win. The additional twist from the ordinary Survival Mode in Minecraft is that hearts do not regenerate and the only way to heal is with a golden apple, a golden head or healing potions.

Cube UHC has spanned over many seasons with a total of 72 participants consisting of Cube SMP members, former Vimcraft members, players from other UHC series, friends and well-known YouTubers with over a million subscribers.

Each season aims for a total of 24 players per season, though the number varies, with players selected by organizers of the respective seasons and suggested by regular Cube UHC players. Priority spots are given to close YouTuber friends and Cube SMP members. Regular non-Cube SMP players are sometimes referred to as Cube members in meetups and conventions.


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Ashley (aka. AshleyMariee and AshleyMarieeGaming) was a recurring player of the UHC series where she participated in Season 3 and Season 4. She was well known in the series as the cottage-builder as she built a cottage-like base in both seasons she participated in.

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Ashley did not upload her Season 3 perspective and therefore not much was known of her season’s run. In chat, she mentioned her use of a laptop with faulty keyboard during the game and because she was reinvited for next season, it was possible that she did not upload due to recording issue. However, it was known that Ashley successfully geared herself up with full iron armor and had built a cottage by the Swamp biome. For unknown reasons, she had also sheared and collected stacks of leaves before the enchanted Poke found her lingering on the surface and quickly killed her. Ashley came in 18th place in Season 3.

Ashley was reinvited for Season 4, the Ender Rush season where she teamed with her chosen partner, Dolphin, and was randomly paired with Vikkstar123 and LDShadowLady to form the Red Team. The Red Team spawned near the Ender Portal and they decided to base there. In order to retain her reputation as the UHC cottage 

builder, Ashley started building a massive wooden cottage surrounding the Ender Portal, leaving mining and foraging duties to her other teammates. After Dolphin died to a Zombie and after her cottage was finished, Ashley joined Vikk and Lizzie to mine for gold. While mining, Blue Team had snuck into Red Team’s cottage and burnt down the cottage. As soon as the Red Team returned back to their base, the angered Ashley immediately started repairing their base but this time, turning it into a cobblestone fort. Once the team managed to get to decent hearts, the Red Team went hunting but because the Ender Rush season demanded a lot of mining and camping activities, the Red Team could not find anyone and returned to their fort. It was then Ashley began playing with a flint-and-still and accidentally killed herself with fire. Ashley was indivually ranked 18th place while her team was placed 6th overall.

Unlike many players participated in the UHC series, Ashley did not take the game too seriously as shown by her little effort to mine and would focus more on base building. Ashley had also been intentionally strip mining (for cobblestones) and initially showed disregard to the UHC rules. Despite that, Ashley was determined not to die, even agreed to hunt for players and began to question certain things that may break the UHC rules. Ashley started as a decent survival player, not taking too much careless damage even when building her huge bases but began to be more reckless when hunting for players.

Ashley was not invited back for future season. It was most possible that Ashley was not reinvited because she did not uploaded her entire Season 4 perspective after Vikkstar had revealed the outcome of Red Team’s season run by his Episode 3. Ashley however participated in other UHC series. Ashley built a total of 5 bases throughout her 2 seasons run. 1 cottage in Season 3, 2 main Ender Portal bases and 2 night camp bases.


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Blamph was a participant in UHC Season 6 where he was randomly partnered with veteran player Graser to form Team Dragons. In the season he openly challenged Graser to do a facecam if their team won, which Graser neither agree nor disagree.

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Blamph admitted his inexperience with the UHC gamemode and was relying on Graser to show him most of the ropes. Blamph was however taking a lot of PVE damages, especially from mobs, making him even weaker. After Graser died, Graser returned to the call to provide commentary and motivational support. As the season went on, Blamph continued taking more PVE damage until a Skeleton finished him off when he was at half a heart. Blamph was individually placed 16th while his team took 9th.

Blamph was particularly bad at handling Skeleton and Creeper mobs, but despite being at hearts as low as 2, he would still venture off own his own and take little non-mobs damage.

Blamph did not return for unknown reasons but became relatively inactive in YouTube since uploading his last episode of the season. His channel became completely inactive sometime after the end of Season 7.


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Dan (aka. DanTDM and TheDiamondMinecart) was a player of the UHC series Season 3 where he participated with his real-life wife, Jemma. In terms of YouTuber subscribers count, Dan has been marked as the most successful Minecraft YouTuber to have ever been invited to the UHC series. 

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Dan was pretty unlucky in his season, having to deal with damages from Cave Spiders and Skeletons. Dan also failed to find enough materials to enchant despite having found a village and an abandoned mineshaft. When meetup was called, Dan was unenchanted and at 4.5 hearts but headed to 0,0 anyways. On his way there he met Hbomb who did not see him. Dan tried stalking Hbomb but lost him and instead saw fully enchanted Grape from afar, running towards Dan. Grape had actually spotted Dan as well and was on his way to kill him when Grape made a slight detour to kill the nearer Hbomb first. Grape then went after Dan for a double kill. Dan fought back but being unenchanted and at a severe heart disadvantage, Dan was easily eliminated. Dan was placed 11th in the season.

Dan was suppose to return for Season 4 with Jemma but due to rescheduling problems, he and Jemma could not make the recordings. 

Dan was relatively decent despite being inexperience with the UHC mode. Right off the bat, Dan admitted his poor survival skills which can be seen in his mobs handling style espeically when dealing with Skeleton mobs. Dan was however very cautious, trying to block off as many area mobs could enter. 

Dan revealed that he was invited by Think and it was rumored that it was Think’s insistence to include Dan in future seasons. When Think left the UHC series after Season 4, Jemma mentioned in Twitter that she will probably not return for future UHC seasons. Think was the one who invited her and she claimed it wouldn’t be the same without Think. This could hold the same for Dan.


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Dowsey (aka. xDowsey) was a recurring player of the UHC series and was among the original cast during the first season’s inception. Dowsey returned for two more seasons before being allegedly kicked from the group. Dowsey was notable to be the first person to kill a player with portal trapping. Dowsey’s portal trapping was responsible for disabling two teams, making his trap the most efficient to date. 

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Dowsey image

Like many players in the first season, Ultra Hardcore mode proved unfamiliar to Dowsey and he gradually sustained PVE damage before a Skeleton mob killed him. Despite that, he survived long enough to be placed 3rd.

Dowsey returned for Season 2 where he teamed with newcomers Tofuu and Hbomb to form team The Symptomatic Chimps. The team started well with Hbomb discovering a desert temple with 6 diamonds early on. Being the team’s veteran player, Dowsey entered the Nether with Hbomb as early as Episode 2. But when a Blaze reduced him to 2 hearts, Dowsey and Hbomb returned back to the Overworld with no blaze rods. After leaving the Nether, Dowsey lava trapped their Nether portal. The trap successfully eliminated Grape, the feared PVP player at that time. With the lava trap, Grape’s teammates Guntexs was left alone in the Nether while Straub was left alone in the Overworld. Later Graser, the last surviving member of team The Bowling Pins, also became a victim to the Nether portal trap. A lag glitch unfortunately caused Dowsey to fall into a lava pool and was subsequently eliminated. His team however came victorious and won Season 2, making him an official winner of UHC Season 2. He was also marked as the first recurring player to win. For Season 2 he was individually placed 21st while his team won the season.

Dowsey returned in Season 3 and quickly discovered his lag disadvantage which he blamed it on Mineplex, the hosting server. Dowsey got himself into full iron gear and immediately went out hunting. He would then find Mags’s abandoned mineshaft and the two eventually meet. Both players were hit with lag spikes during their battle, but Mags ultimately killed Dowsey. In his exit, Dowsey blamed the server for his defeat. He was placed 23rd for Season 3. In his exit, Dowsey announced his return for Season 4 along with a YouTuber he admired. Fans speculated he was referring to Lizzie. 

Dowsey unfortunately did not return in Season 4 or ever since and was allegedly kicked from the group for insulting Season 3 on Twitter, although he had deleted the tweet due to bad reception from the group. In his website, according to Kricken, Dowsey’s removal was by Graser, the organizer of UHC while Graser claimed it was Think’s, the co-organizer. It was unknown to the public of the true back story of Dowsey’s removal but this subsequently led to Bayani-Kricken conflict with Kricken siding Dowsey’s theory on Think’s retirement from UHC and Bayani opposing the theory. 

In Season 1, despite dying to PVE, Dowsey lasted to the final five showing his capabilities as a survival player. Dowsey was also a rather aggressive player, preferring to face danger to gain advantage rather than mining as shown in Season 2 where he ventured into the Nether with only a chestplate for armor and going hunting early in Season 3 despite having unenchanted gears. Unlike many players in Season 3 (and Season 2) who feared Grape, Dowsey showed interest in challenging Grape. Other players had also praised Dowsey as one of the top two UHC players alongside with Grape in Season 2 and 3. He was also the winner of Season 2’s practice round.


Nick (aka. DrPlaystation and DrPlayStationNation) was a recurring player of the Cube UHC Series, participating a total of 5 seasons. This made him among the longest running non-Cube SMP members to participate in the UHC series.  

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Nick was introduced in Season 2 to form team Mobs In Black with veteran Flexvoid and newcomer Mags, the team notable for their black suit skins. The team spawned on top of a mountain. While Flexvoid and Mags took a careful route down, Nick jumped off and barely missed a water pool. His recklessness continued to show throughout the season. In one moment, he ran through an unlighted open cave completely unarmored. Like many teams in Season 2, Mobs In Black were threatened by the lack of food. Mags and Flexvoid surfaced to find animals and would subsequently killed Dul from team Nicholas Cage. Nick meanwhile remembered he had been collecting mushrooms and began making mushroom stews. The team regrouped, took some stews and stored the rest in their cave base as they headed up to hunt. Kermit, the last surviving member of team Nicholas Cage, meanwhile had infiltrated their base all along; stole their mushroom stews, destroyed their chests and planted TNTs. Kermit lured the Mobs In Black back into their base by hinting he took mushroom stews from the ‘Doc’. Flexvoid recognized the statement referring to Nick got his team to return to their base. They avoided the TNT trap but could not find Kermit hiding behind smooth stones. It was the moment when Nick was left alone in a tight corner, Kermit revealed to only be a block away and ambush killed Nick. Nick was placed 14th individually while his team was ranked 5th overall.

Nick returned in Season 3 and was doing decent. Despite obtaining enough iron, he unfortunately forgotten to make a pair of iron boots. He was also able to source enough diamonds to enchant himself but lack leather and books to make the enchanting table. Nick then had to surface for the leather and more apples. At the start of Episode 8, some of the remaining players asked about the episode number they are in. Nick began calculating the time and episodes passed as he trekked through a forest and did not notice Tofuu passing by his screen. Tofuu ultimately killed Nick from behind. For Season 3, Nick came in 14th place. 

In Season 4, Nick was teamed with his chosen partner, former teammate Flexvoid and was randomly paired with Think and Jon to form the Yellow Team. After gearing themselves up, the team decided to head to 0,0 to hunt rather than collecting the necessary ingredients for the Ender Rush season. Flexvoid having a horse sped off to 0,0 while Nick had strayed off to get more chickens. He was followed by Think while Jon went after Flexvoid. The split team was forced to mine separately when night set with Nick and Think finding an abandoned mineshaft. By day, Jon and Flexvoid fought the remaining Blue Team with Flexvoid being the only survivor. The remaining Yellow Team returned to their original base and finally entered the Nether in Episode 10. While tackling a Blaze spawner, Flexvoid was injured and a blaze rod was dropped in the middle of the Blaze mobs. Nick daringly rushed in, grabbed the blaze rod and escaped but was killed by the burn effect. He did manage to get the blaze rods to the surviving Yellow Team members. Nick was individually ranked 11th while his team took 3rd place overall. 

In Season 5, Nick showed improvement in the survival aspect, playing more cautiously but took a downturn when he fell into a lava pool and began to gradually received PVE damages from then onwards. At 4.5 hearts, Nick decided for an aggressive approach by visiting 0,0 despite being unenchanted, in hopes by killing someone would get him some stuffs to heal up. Nick visited 0,0 and found a small surface cave nearby. He decided to base there and blocked of all entrances with smooth stones until he ran out of it. Whilst mining for more stones, a passing fully enchanted Ginger heard mining sound. At second look, Ginger did not believe Nick’s smooth stones were natural. Ginger dug into Nick’s cave and began attacking Nick. Nick tried fighting back but Nick being at a gear and health disadvantage was subsequently eliminated. Nick was placed 21st. 

Nick was randomly paired with newcomer M4M in Season 6 to form Team Slimes with Nick leading the team. Luck was on their side when they spawned right beside a dessert village, giving them obsidians. With them already obtained obsidians, Team Slimes quickly got themselves enchanted and headed up the surface to hunt. They took down the unenchanted Team Knights and the weakened Team Bandits. Despite having 4 heads, they were only able to make 1 golden head, so they went back mining. After sourcing enough gold to make golden heads and golden apples, they base near the surface to smelt them when they heard a Creeper attacking an invisible Dul on the surface. Team Slimes headed up and finished off Dul quickly and took potions from her, including Strength potions. They then met Team Pandas consisting of MrMitch and Bayani with Team Pandas having the height advantage. With the Strength potions, Team Slimes moved in for a melee fight but Bayani had placed water, forming a barrier between them while repeatedly bow shooting both Nick and M4M. Disliking bow fights, M4M backed away only to find MrMitch who subsequently killed M4M. Nick meanwhile was having trouble fighting back and had to resort to eating a golden head but before the healing item could take effect, Bayani had moved in for a melee attack and killed Nick. Nick was indivually ranked 7th place while his team took 4th overall. 

Nick proudly called himself the Wild Card in Season 2 due to his random behavior of taking very risky actions. His recklessness and carelessness was seen throughout Season 2 to Season 5. Nick also had an individualistic gameplay. In Season 2 and 4, Nick had the tendency to stray off from his team. With experience, Nick however became a more cautious player in Season 5 and Season 6, not taking too much unnecessary damages. Nick also acted as a guide to newcomer M4M and together they became the dominant team before their elimination. While participating in the Cube UHC series, Nick was also involved in other UHC poops.

He did not return for Season 7 and any future seasons as he was kicked for not uploading a complete Season 6 series. Nick however continued to be friends with some of the Cube members. After his removal from the Cube’s UHC roster, he continued to participate in other UHC series.


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Echo (aka. Echooo and Echo Inck) was a recurring player of where he participated in Season 12 and 13. Before the debut of Season 12, he was among the few players speculated by fans as potential future UHC player due to his close ties with the Cube members and relationship with Graser.

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In Echo's debut season - Season 12, an Ender Dragon Race Season, he  was teamed with veteran players Tofuu and Jwong to form the Pink Team (or Purple Team). From Episode 1, Echo and Jwong were split from Tofuu and had to mine separately while Echo and Jwong were unlucky in both mining and mobs aspect. Echo's teammates redeemed themselves when Tofuu returned with enchanting materials and golds while Jwong killed an Enderman and obtained the necessary Ender Pearl to activate the End. The Pink Team then headed into the Nether and managed to obtain enough ingredients for an Ender Eye and potions. Confident now, Pink Team headed to the surface and found the End Portal before meeting Green Team (Team D) consisting of Dfield, Dylan and Kevin. With no bows, Pink Team retreated first before Echo attacked Dylan. As a result, Echo was chased by the entire Team D and was ultimately killed by Dylan. His teammates Tofuu and Jwong died subsequently after him. Echo was individually ranked 23rd while team was placed 8th.

Echo returned for Season 13, a mumble season where he heard and truced with Grape during a caving expedition. While Grape managed to enchant, Echo had trouble finding diamonds and golds. On the surface he met a couple of other players but being unenchanted and lack of healing items, Echo chose to truce. He tried teaming up with Jeruhmi to get rid of Grape's killing spree but Jeruhmi, weakened from his fight against Tomahawk, was afraid of Echo and took off. Leaving Echo to find and took Tomahawk's drops. But it was not enough to face both Grape and Tofuu. He was eventuaolly eliminated and came in 7th place. 

Echo was praised by both fans and players to be an excellent PVP-er. Echo also mentioned his confidence in PVP skill which led him to be elected as the main PVP-er of the team in Season 12. Echo can also be described as aggresive as seen in his head on attacks in Season 12 but would not take unneccessary risk as in Season 13, he rather truce or run away thea fight when unenchanted. 

Outside of UHC, Echo is a well known builder and would occasional build builts for Graser in his videos


Bisket (aka. Explosive, Mkilop2 and Pat_T) was a participant of UHC Season 1. He was notably known as the first person to ever die to PVP in Cube UHC Series. 

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By the end of the first episode, Bisket's mining in the dark made him one of the few weakest player with significantly lower hearts than most of the other players early in the season. When a full iron geared Spryite encountered him, Bisket who did not had any armor, did not put much of a fight and was eliminated. He came in 16th in the season. 

Bisket was one of the least subscribed YouTubers to ever participate in the Cube UHC series. Bisket did not return for any future season as he was no longer active on YouTube since the first season ended.

Bisket was a relatively reckless player and inexperience with the Ultra Hardcore mode as he would mine in the dark unarmored which contributed to his low hearts in Episode 1.


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Flexvoid (aka. Flex) was a recurring player and one of the original casts of the Cube UHC Series, participating for the first 4 seasons with Season 4 being his last season. 

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Flexvoid Avi 2014
In Season 1, Flexvoid was notably known to have been trapped in an abandoned mineshaft with Cave Spiders and had to take it slow when poison effects drew him to low hearts. Despite his perseverance, he was ultimately doomed to fall by a Spider. He was placed 6th.

Flexvoid shown better improvement on the survival aspect in Season 2 when he was teamed with newcomers Nick and Mags to form Mobs In Black, the team known for their black suit skins. Flexvoid’s PVP skills became apparent when he assisted Mags in killing Dul. Dul’s teammate, Kermit, exerted revenge by infiltrating Mobs In Black’s base and ambush-killed Nick. Despite that, Flexvoid and Mags still had problem finding Kermit lurking around their base due to Kermit’s utilization of smooth stones. But a lighting glitch from a block placed by Kermit was enough to give Flexvoid a hint on where Kermit was and Flexvoid single handedly killed him. Flexvoid and Mags then double teamed and subsequently eliminated Pat. In Episode 8, Mobs In Black faced off with another dominant team, the Twerkaholics who had all three members at that time. Mags was left to fight against Dolphin and Rusher while Flexvoid faced Vas. Flexvoid puts up a good fight but in the end lost the fight when Rusher switched to double team him. Mags managed to kill Dolphin and Vas but died to Rusher in the same fight. Flexvoid was placed individually placed 9th and his team was placed 5th overall for Season 2.

Flexvoid returned for Season 3. Flexvoid’s survival skills gave him relatively high hearts when going in for the meet up but luck was not on his side in sourcing enough diamonds for enchanting. When arriving near 0,0 for the meetup, he spotted Tofuu and Jemma fighting each other and was ready to ambush the victor. Tofuu won the fight and immediately Flexvoid rushed in but Tofuu was armed with golden apples. Without the enchanted gears, Flexvoid was quickly eliminated. Flexvoid was placed 3rd in Season 3.

Flexvoid chose former teammate Nick as his chosen teammate for Season 4 and was randomly paired with Think and Jon to form the Yellow Team. On the way to 0,0 Flexvoid and Jon were split from the other two and was forced to set camp away from their initial cave when night sets in. By morning, food became scarce for both Flexvoid and Jon to the point Flexvoid can no longer sprint. They then encountered Tofuu and Poke from the Blue Team. Jon rushed in and managed to kill Tofuu but was subsequently killed by Poke. Flexvoid solved his hunger problem by eating an apple he reserved and managed to defeat Poke. With so little food and lack a partner, Flexvoid regrouped with Think and Nick. Late in the season, the Yellow Team ventured into the Nether in order to obtain the necessary ingredient to activate the Ender portal. Nick died in the Nether but managed to hand his team a blaze rod before the burn effect eliminated him. Flexvoid and Think crafted and placed the last Ender Eyes and was the first two people to enter the End. While Think was attacking the Ender Crystals, Flexvoid learnt the Ender Dragon’s flying pattern and was able to dodge most of its attacks. The arrival of the Purple Team however distracted Flexvoid who was then flung up by the dragon and died to fall. Flexvoid was individually placed 7th in Season 4. His team was placed 3rd (4th if including the Ender Dragon). 

Flexvoid was an extremely cautious player with most seasons he preferred to play it safe with an exception of Season 2. However it should be noted that he was not as prime for combat in the other three seasons he was in. In Season 2 he was strictly against going to the Nether after knowing team Crud were there already and when going in to combat, he tends to hesitate, preferring to formulate the best strategy before going in.

Flexvoid did not return for a Season 5 and any future seasons along with other notable players like Think and Kricken. He had also quitted YouTube and resigned from Hive stating that he was busy with his real life. 


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Guntexs was a player and member of team Crud alongside newcomer Grape and veteran Straub in UHC Season 2. He was known for being stuck in the Nether for half of his season. Despite his more passive gamestyle, Guntexs had proven in the season that he can be a decent player when situation demands for it.

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While Straub was building the Nether portal, he accidentally burnt himself to 4 hearts, making him not suitable to venture into the Nether. Grape and Guntexs hence entered the Nether and unloaded most of their items in the event they died in the Nether. There, they managed to retrieve necessary potion ingredients but Grape had sustained injury from Blaze mobs, forcing them to retreat immediately. Grape entered the exit portal first but was brought to team The Symptomatic Chimps’ Nether portal instead which was lava trapped, killing Grape. Not wanting to risk being lava-ed himself, Guntexs was left wandering in the Nether world while Straub on the overworld. Straub eventually died at 0,0, leaving Guntexs all alone, coaxing anyone to join him. Guntexs ultimately died to Ghast after surviving more than 3 episodes stranded in the Nether. Guntexs was individually ranked 17th while his team came in 8th place.

Guntexs was more of a timid commentator compared to Grape and Straub and was more careful and conservative in mining. In the Nether, Guntexs took more of a passive role and would mostly explore, leaving Grape to get the blaze rods. Despite his rather passive nature, Guntexs however was the first to jump into their Nether portal when Grape was hesitant to. Another moment of his capabilities was his successful attempt in grabbing a blaze rod near the Blaze spawner without receiving damage. Guntexs also proved to be a decent survival player and was very resourceful. He was able to survive the Nether alone for more than 3 episodes with very limited resources and no wood. 

Guntexs did not return for any future season for unknown reasons but his bad experience with his season may have been a factor. Outside of UHC, Guntexs is known among Minecraft YouTubers as an amazing thumbnail designer. 


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Dylan (aka. TheHyperCraft and Hyperdarkness) was a player from Cube UHC Season 13. He was known to be associated with the Archon's Faction servers (with Dfield, Rusher and others) and was occasionally considered as a Cube member in meetups prior to joining the Cube UHC.

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As soon as Dylan got himself enchanted, he was among the few that entered the Nether with a mission to find Dfield and obtained levels from quartz to make a Sharpness 3 Diamond Sword. In the Nether, Dylan had a cross-dimensional talk with Tomahawk, telling Dylan that Dfield had potions. Not wanting to face Dfield, Dylan headed back to the overworld and made his prized sword. He would later met Dfield and they both agreed to truce before Dylan found and engaged in a battle with Poke. Dfield snuck up on Dylan and attacked him but Dylan's sword scared Dfield to back off. They both agreed to truce on the basis of their Factions' relationship before Dylan went after Poke again who was at the time also being attacked by Grape. Grape eventually lost sight of Dylan, allowing Poke and Dylan to have a 1v1 fight. After a series of bow shots, Dylan headed in for a melee combat but Poke had Fire Aspect in his sword, burning Dylan before killing him. Dylan was placed 18th.

Dylan was a capable survival player, surviving a mineshaft without taking any hearts and was also an eager PVP-er, with his combat skills being decent. Having played UHC gamemode before, Dylan was also experience in knew the basic mechanics of the game.

Prior to his debut in UHC, Dylan would meet up with the Cube members in conventions and would be considered as one of the Cube members. His relationship with the Cube was mostly associated with Rusher and Dfield. He was known to had a sing-off in one of Rusher's and was friends of Dfield before Dfields' associations with the Cube.


Bobotastic (aka. IBobotastic) was one of the original participants in UHC Season 1 and was notably known to be the first person to ever die in the Cube UHC series and one of the few players to be eliminated in Episode 1, before pvp was enabled.

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His game started rough when he became one of the few players to receive damage early. Halfway through the first night, Bobotastic ran out of wood and headed out to the surface with no armor on. He took some damage before retreating back into his cave where he was repeatedly shot by Skeleton before accidentally killed himself with fall damage. He was ranked 17th in Season 1.

Bobotastic mentioned that in the training round, he also died early from an ambush, suggesting he died to a Creeper or was killed in Episode 2. At the end of his perspective, Bobotastic mentioned his return for Season 2 but he never did. Bobotastic is no longer active on YouTube since his last upload on December 2013. Bobotastic referred his gamestyle as reckless and commentary style as cocky.


Deactivate (aka. iDeactivate) is a recurring player of the Cube UHC series, participating in Season 2 and 3. He is the first person to be eliminated from not relogging in time after disconnected from the server. Fin was the second person to be eliminated from not relogging in time in Season 7. 

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Deactivate started the series in Season 2 with newcomer SteelSaint and veteran player Kricken to form team #2MuchSwag. #2MuchSwag quickly discovered the difficulties in playing in teams of three when all three of them repetitively received PVE damage and had to consistently share golden apples. After Deactivate came to one heart, he no longer wanted to mine and instead surfaced for apples but failed to find any. Steelsaint and Kricken joined him later when food became dangerously low. Steelsaint then decided to head back down into their abandoned mineshaft with Deactivate following him. It was during the journey down to meet Steelsaint a Creeper killed Deactivate. Deactivate was individually ranked 22nd but his team took runner-up of the season.

Deactivate returned in Season 3 but did not uploaded his season. It was not know what happened but he disconnected and did not relog back in before the time limit expired, marking him as the first person eliminated in the season and was placed 24th.

Deactivate is relatively reckless and aggressive player which contributed to his poor survival performances in Season 2. He also proposed to hunt people in Season 2 even though he was only at half a heart while Kricken and Steelsaint had less than 10 hearts cumulative. Deactivate was not invited back for future seasons possibly due to him not uploading his Season 3 or voluntarily quitted the game by not relogging in. 


Jemma (aka. xXJemmaMx and JemPlaysMC) was a player in Season 3 of the UHC series where she participated with her real-life husband Dan. She was most famously known in her season for participating in a three-way battle between Grape, Bayani and herself with Jemma being the last person standing.

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Jemma had a pretty basic run throughout her season with her careful approach gave her zero damage in mining. When meetup was called, Jemma could not source enough diamonds for enchantments and only had one golden apple in her arsenal. Near 0,0, she spotted Grape and Bayani battling, both fully enchanted. Without hesitant, Jemma joined in, dealing a hit each to both guys. Grape and Bayani however did not perceive her as a threat and continued to focus on each other until they ended up killing each other. Jemma took their enchanted gears including diamond armors and a Fire Aspect 1 Sword. Tofuu on a diamond-armored horse heard and followed the death lightning and eventually met Jemma. Jemma was able to kill Tofuu’s horse but was still ultimately slain by Tofuu when she was trying to eat a golden apple. She was ranked 4th place in her season run.

Jemma and Dan were reinvited for Season 4 but could not make it due to rescheduling problems.

Jemma was a very cautious player and was the last person to take damage in the season. It was only on her way to 0,0 that she began taking PVE damage. Her slow and overly cautious methods however, drew her away from many caves and ravines she deemed too dangerous to handle and may be the result of her not being enchanted. Despite her carefulness, she did not hesitate to intervene in the fight between Grape and Bayani despite being at a severe gear disadvantage. Jemma was decent in PVP as she was able to kill Tofuu’s diamond-armored horse before being eliminated but she had the tendency to not take advantage of golden apples' absorption in battle. 

In a Twitter reply, Jemma mentioned she was invited to the group by Think and after Think left the UHC group, she would most probably not participate in future seasons as “it wouldn’t be the same” without Think. 


Jeruhmi was an Australian player of UHC Season 13 and Peckett's roommates. Prior to joining the UHC, Jeruhmi was closely linked with StrauberryJam and Heyimbee two regular UHC players and was considered as a Cube member in the 2015 Pax East meetup.

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Jeruhmi's season was fair but was finding diamonds at a relatively slower pace. As a result he spent most of his season underground almost directly below 0,0. With the mumble activated, Jeruhmi would encounter voices from the surface belonging to multiple players including Dfield, Dylan (Hyperdarkness), Grape and Graser but being underground, most players rather truce then hunt for him. Jeruhmi hit luck when he found a Spider spawner holding Protection 3 book which he later embedded it into his diamond chestplate. On the surface he met Tomahawk and the two battled with Echo trying to persuade Jeruhmi to truce. After Jeruhmi took out Tomahawk, Jeruhmi could hear Echo but not see him. Weakened from the battle, Jeruhmi did not realized Echo was not enchanted and ran away from the scene only to hear Talekio. Jeruhmi announced his presence to Talekio who then shot a flaming arrow at Jeruhmi. Jeruhmi tried to ender pearl away but the flame effect killed him. Jeruhmi came in 8th place in the season.

Jeruhmi was a decent survival player, not taking too much PVE damage despite being underground longer than most players in his season. He was also a fair PVP-er, able to kill Tomahawk, a well known PVP-er. In addition, Jeruhmi seemed level headed and would generally remain his cool even in tense situation. He however was occasionally cocky as shown when he heard Talekio talking and told him to "shut up". Although it was in a joking manner, Jeruhmi however was at low health at the time when he decided to reveal his position to Talekio.

Joey Graceffa

Joey (aka. Joey Graceffa, JOEYGRACEFFA and JoeyGraceffa) was a player of UHC Season 5 where he participated with long time friend, Stacy. He was infamous in the series for his after game comments on the UHC gamemode. 

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Joey started cautious but unlucky when he was snuck up by a Zombie, reducing him to half his health. From then, his gamestyle became a little more reckless from taking gravel suffocation damage to poor handle on a Spider. His inexperience with the gamemode was apparent when after obtaining 6 diamonds, he prioritized a diamond sword over enchanting table, something regular players only considered as a last resort. At one heart, Joey became desperate for gold and was strip mining for it. He eventually ended up in a ravine and found gold on the other side. The badly lit ravine created an illusion on depth resulting in Joey being eliminated by fall. Joey came in 16th place in his season.

Immediately after his death, Joey insulted the UHC gamemode, claiming it relied more heavily on luck then skill and displayed obscene hand signs. He was officially kicked from UHC for his reaction and strip mining although Joey had expressed his disinterest in playing it again. Joey was also the first person eliminated (by lava) in UHC Season 5 First Attempt.

Joey is also know to be involved in the Stacy-Devon controversy which began way back during their MCSG days before three of them joined the Cube UHC series. The controversy carried forward till near the end of Cube SMP Season 1. While Joey no longer got involved in the controversy between the other two, his name was brought up occasionally. 

Outside of Minecraft, Joey was also involved in, The Amazing Race and collaborated with well-known YouTubers including Smosh, FineBros and Miranda Sings. This makes him arguably the most recognized YouTuber to ever participate in the UHC series but lost to Dan is terms of subscribers count. Joey is however the first player with more than a million views at the time of his participation.


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Laberos (aka. LaberosStar and Jake) was a recurring player of the Cube UHC series and was among the original cast invited for Season 1. He would then return for a Season 2 as the veteran player in team Nicholas Cage along with newcomers, Kermit and Dul.

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In Season 1, Laberos proved to be a safe and efficient survival player as he was among the few players that retained high number of hearts in majority of his run in the season. Luck was on his side when he was among the few that would source enough diamonds to make himself an enchanting table. When Max discovered Laberos’ ravine, Max decided to stalk and hunt for Laberos despite Laberos having the heart advantage. A dirt block placed by Max alerted Laberos and he too began the hunt for Max. Laberos would eventually find Max and killed him but as a result he was down to half a heart. A caving expedition for gold ultimately ended his season by a Zombie mob. He was placed 9th for UHC Season 1.

Laberos returned for a Season 2 and was the more experienced in his team compared to Kermit, a well-known joker and Dul, a passive non-PVP player. Despite that Laberos sustained heavy damage by cumulative PVE damages. In order to heal up, Nicholas Cage headed up to a swamp biome for apples. Up on the surface, Laberos had to deal with a Slime mob and did not notice Straub’s arrival. With low heart, Laberos was killed in two hits. For Season 2, Laberos was individually placed 23rd and his team was placed 7th overall.

Laberos proved to be one of the best survival players as despite his inexperience with the UHC mode, he was still able to retain majority of his hearts in Season 1 until a PVP led him to too low to survive. He also seemed as one of the more knowledgeable with UHC gameplay. Even in his first season, he utilized common techniques like torching up falling gravels, mining obsidian with water and even building an enchanting table without the need to refer, simple feet where multiple player in the future could not achieved. 

According to Laberos, he was not invited back since Season 2 due to his inactivity in YouTube then. After his comeback to YouTube, the Cube UHC had revolved mostly around Cube members and common recurring players while Laberos have lost touch with the original casts.


Lizzie (aka. LDShadowlady) was player from UHC Season 4, the Ender Rush Season where she teamed up with Vikk and was randomly paired with Ashley and Dolphin to form the Red Team. She was infamously known for killing herself with flint-and-steel.

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The Red Team spawned near the Ender Portal and eventually decided to base there. Being the only newcomer of the group, Lizzie initially left the mining duties to the Vikk and Dolphin while she focused on foraging, cooking and other passive role. After Dolphin was left with 0.5 hearts from Cave Spiders, Lizzie and Ashley decided to join Vikk in mining just before Dolphin was killed by a Zombie. The rest of the Red Team meanwhile were constantly taking PVE damage. When they surfaced, they found their cottage base burnt by the Blue Team. Ashley repaired the base, turning it into a cobblestone fort instead. Once they managed to get themselves to 6 hearts, the Red Team then headed out to hunt but with many teams camping for the necessary items to activate the Ender Portal, Red Team could not find anyone. The Red Team's night trekking had also resulted in Lizzie and Ashley being at dangerously low hearts. With nothing to do, they returned back to their base. Ashley and Lizzie then played with flint-and-steel out of boredom. Ashley later killed herself accidentally by fire and a lagging Lizzie was also killed by one of her fires by accident. Lizzie was individually ranked 17th place while her team came in 6th.

Lizzie initially started out slow where she focused most of her early episode on the surface playing the support role. But later in the season, Lizzie took on most of the mining in her attempt to find diamonds. Lizzie also had relatively poor knowledge on the basic of the game including not knowing how to use a golden head and would constantly get lost.

Lizzie did not return for future seasons for unknown reasons. Lizzie however continued to participate in other UHC series. Outside of UHC, Lizzie was known as’s former Minecraft YouTuber.


Mags (aka. MagneticMC and MagneticMinecraft) was a recurring player in the Cube UHC series and a former member of Vimcraft alongside notable recurring UHC players including Tybzi, Grape, Poke and Tofuu. 

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Mags was a rather aggressive player as he would daringly adventure even when his teammates were hesitant to. Despite that, Mags was a good survival player and would seldom deal PVE damage in both seasons he was in. He was also knowledgeable enough to know how to exit a portal trap. Mags had proved to be a decent PVP player as shown in his capabilities in fighting in a disadvantage 2v1 fight in Season 2. 

Mags made his debut in Season 2 where he was teamed with newcomer Nick and veteran Flexvoid to form team Mobs In Black, the team known for all members having black suit skin. Mobs In Black had a fair start but like many teams in Season 2, food became a huge issue. Mags and Flexvoid had to surface to source for food when they encountered Dul from team Nicholas Cage. Mags and Flexvoid double teamed and killed her. When night set in, Mags and Flexvoid returned into their cave where Nick had created some mushroom stews as emergency food. When day arrived, Mobs In Black decided to go hunting. Unbeknownst to them, Dul’s surviving teammate, Kermit had infiltrated their base, stole their mushroom stews and set TNT traps. Kermit taunted Mobs In Black, prompting them to return to their base and look for Kermit but Kermit utilization of smooth stones made him undetectable. As a result Nick was killed. A lighting glitch from a block placed by Kermit eventually gave him away and Flexvoid killed him. Despite being one man down, Mobs In Black continued to go hunting where they would double teamed Pat and killed him. They then engaged against team Twerkaholics in a 3v2 showdown. Mags was attacked by both Dolphin and Rusher while Flexvoid took Vas on. After being repeatedly shot, Rusher left Dolphin to finish off Mags. Mags however with a golden head and Sharpness 3 Iron Sword killed Dolphin in a melee fight. Flexvoid was meanwhile killed but had brought Vas low enough for Mags to kill him. Unfortunately Rusher ultimately finished him off. Mags was individually ranked 7th while his team came in 5th place overall.

Mags returned for Season 3 where he quickly discovered an abandoned mineshaft. Once again, his base was infiltrated by Dowsey who went hunting early. Both of them fought and both were hit with a lag spike but with heart advantage, Mags managed to kill Dowsey. The fight significantly reduced his health. After finding melon seeds Mags then decided to venture into the Nether for potions. He was further damaged in the Nether but obtained the necessary ingredients for Instant Health potions. On his way out, he was portal trapped with lava by Graser. Mags tried to escape with water but in the end died to lava. Mags came in 16th place of the season.

Mags quitted YouTube sometime after Season 3 with a goodbye video stating that he hated Minecraft a long time ago and was doing it only for the monetary returns. In the video he claimed that multiple Minecraft YouTubers were doing YouTube mostly for monetary and fame reasons and some of them even hated it even though it was their official job. He also mentioned that he would post a final video to call out YouTubers who “deserved” it. In Twitter, Mags attacked a couple of YouTubers including FamousFilms and Barbierien claiming they only do YouTube for profit returns. This brought attention from other YouTubers including BloodZelos, Ashley and Talekio (all were members of the UHC roster at least once). Mags also insulted former Vimcraft-er Poke but in a less offensive manner which Poke did not take it to heart and they both continued to be friends. This caused a lot of tension between Mags and fans, including his own but Mags claimed he no longer cared as he was officially done with YouTube. With an exception of Poke, Mags however did not attack any of the Cube UHC members and even defended Straub in a Twitter conflict. In mid 2014, it was revealed Mags was still close with Poke, Tybzi, Straub, Hbomb and Vas and would even join Cube team speak. 


Max (aka MaxTheDog_ and MaxTheDog) is a player and one of the original casts for UHC Season 1. Max can be considered as the pioneer of using stealth and base infiltration to take out a player in the Cube UHC series even though he inadvertently failed. 

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Max’s inexperience with the UHC mode started rough from PVE damage but gained momentum as he obtained full iron armor easily and was among the few players who went out hunting early but unfortunately found no one to kill. On a journey to source for gold, Max stumbled upon a ravine that was already inhabited by Laberos. Despite Laberos having the heart advantage, Max still wanted to kill him. His plan was to stalk Laberos and ready to take the kill once Laberos was down in hearts. However a block placed by Max alerted Laberos. Laberos would then go into a hunt for Max and ultimately killing Max. He was placed 13th in UHC Season 1.

Despite his aggressive and stealth approach, Max seemed new and inexperience to the survival aspect of Minecraft. He questioned Think’s jokes on making books with reeds and when he discovered Laberos’ ravine, he assumed Laberos mine the whole thing. 

Max did not return for future season for reasons unknown.



Miindsniip (aka. MiiNDSNiiP3 and Chase) was a participant and among the original cast in UHC Season 1. Not much was known about Miindsniip's game as he did not upload his perspective. He was eliminated via a disconnection glitch, making him the first person in UHC series to die by PVS (Player vs Server). Miindsniip was ranked 11th place and did not return for future seasons.


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Minegal (aka. Emily and MineGal007) was a participant in UHC Season 6 where she was randomly paired with Ash to form Team Typhoon. It was speculated that Minegal was a replacement for Devon due to the intro in PatClone’s perspective revealing Ash initially teaming with Devon. It also because of the intro clip that it created a controversy that the randomizer was rigged from the beginning as Minegal, Ash and Devon were good friends and from the same UHC series prior to joining Cube’s UHC.

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Early in the season, Minegal was left alone when Ash lagged during a fight with a Creeper and resulted in Ash’s elimination. Minegal’s luck did not get better when she could not source enough diamonds for an enchanting table and was not able to heal when she spotted Team Bandits on the surface. Fin of Team Bandits decided to chase after her while his weakened teammate Sky stayed back. Minegal thought it was Tofuu, the three times UHC winner and as a result she decided to flee. After a few bow shots, Minegal thought she managed to escaped but was curious on the lack of food in her inventory when Fin snuck up and killed her. Minegal individually came in 18th place while her team took 11th overall.

Unlike many newcomers from past seasons, Minegal had been participating in other UHC series prior to Season 6. This indicated that she was decent and fairly knowledgeable in the basic strategies of UHC. She also had an enormous MCSG series, which aided her PvP skills. 

Minegal did not return for future seasons and has quitted YouTube not long after Season 6. It was unknown if she was removed or quitted from the UHC group but it was rumored that Graser had considered inviting her to be a member of Cube SMP. 


MlgHwnt aka Hwnt and Steve, made his debt in season 14 of the cube uhc where he was teamed with 8bitdylan. Steve inexperience of the gamemode was shown, and his Minecraft knowledge also lacked. He did not know the basic Minecraft common recipes. In the caves Straub and Toffu heard him and his partner because of the season being mumble. Steve and Dylan were eventually killed. Steve did not return for future seasons for unknown reasons


Ash (aka. MsMissyMinecraft) was a participant in UHC Season 6 where she joined with good friend Minegal. She was randomly paired with Minegal to form the Team Typhoons. Ash subsequently became the center of a rigged randomizer controversy.

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Due to a recording problem, Ash was unable to upload her perspective. But it was known that early in the season she had taken some PVE damages and was fighting a Creeper when she lagged, resulted in her elimination. She was individually ranked 23rd while her team was placed 11th. 

Unlike many newcomers from past seasons, Ash had participated in other UHC series, along with Minegal and Devon, prior to joining Cube’s UHC. In PatClone's Season 6 intro, it showed Ash teaming with Devon while Minegal was initially not in the game. This sparked an assumption by fans that the randomizer was rigged in the beginning. The argument was supported by other coincidental pairing including brothers Fin and Sky and former Vimcraft-ers Tofuu and Poke. It was however suggested that the randomizer was rigged only for specific teams with Team Typhoon among them as neither Ash nor Minegal had any connection with the other players in Season 6. 

Another controversy surrounding Ash was during the recording of Season 6, a friend of Tomahawk told him that Ash had announced they were playing UHC Season 6 in a tweet before deleting the tweet. Season 6 was initially meant to be a secret season. It was not known what followed up from there.

Ash did not return for future seasons but had continued to participate in other UHC series shortly before she quit YouTube. Ash returned to YouTube in early 2015 and has hinted in a video that she was not reinvited for lacking personal connection with the group members.


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Introduced in season 13.

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Palmer (aka. Palmerater) was a recurring player of the UHC series where he participated in Season 3, 4 and 5. He was the first person to ever die to starvation.

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Palmer’s inexperience with the Ultra Hardcore mode was apparent in his debut in Season 3 as right out in Episode 1, Palmer would constantly received PVE damages that gradually degraded his health and could not get enough golden apples to significantly heal himself. At 4 hearts, while crossing a lava pool, Palmer was hit with a lava lag and resulted in his elimination. He was placed 22nd in Season 3.

Palmer returned to Season 4: The Ender Rush season with his chosen partner, newcomer Yoshi and was randomly paired with Tofuu and Poke, both veteran players, to form the Blue Team. The team spawned near a dessert temple and a village. Palmer and Yoshi went to the village while Tofuu and Poke explored the temple. In the village, Palmer found 7 obsidians and 2 diamonds, which Palmer used them to make a diamond sword. The Blue Team then spread out with Palmer wandering much further than everyone else. When night set, Palmer was forced to mine away from the rest of his teammates. The rest of the Blue Team meanwhile were struggling in their own cave. Poke was badly damaged by an Enderman while Yoshi died to a Zombie. Palmer got into a full iron gear and regrouped with Tofuu and Poke who had abandoned their “cursed” cave. They then decided to head to the Ender Portal and base near there. Palmer took the lead as he was the only one fully armored and with a diamond sword. Tofuu and Poke spotted Red Team member Lizzie heading into Red Team’s wooden cottage base. They suggested to Palmer to head in to attack and burn the cottage down. Palmer could not find anyone inside, not knowing the Red Team had mined downwards. Palmer proceeded with burning down of the cottage. Two Baby Zombies were lit on fire by it and attacked Tofuu and Poke, rendering them each with 1 heart. Tofuu and Poke were forced to retreat and once again split from Palmer. On his way to find a safe spot, Palmer was repeatedly attacked by mobs and was eventually down to 1 heart as well before a Creeper killed him. Palmer was individually ranked 22nd again while his team took 5th place overall.

Palmer participated in Season 5 but did not upload his perspective. Not much was known about his season except that Palmer was struggling with food and claimed he only had one beef the whole time. He ultimately died to starvation by Episode 8 For the third time, Palmer was placed 22nd.

In Season 3, Palmer was very reckless and aggressive in his gamestyle as he was not used to the Ultra Hardcore mode. He would take fall damage often and would rush in to attack mobs. Palmer showed slight improvement in Season 4 but mobs were still a problem for him especially when dealing with Skeleton mobs. One unique strategy by Palmer was his tendency to make diamond sword before an enchantment table or diamond pickaxe early in the game. In Season 4, Palmer also wasted the 7 obsidian he found by messing up the creation of a Nether Portal and do not possess any diamond pickaxe to fix it. His resourcefulness seemed to improve in Season 5, where he was able to survive up till Episode 4 with very limited food supply. Palmer had credited himself with PVP skills that matches Vikk, a known PVP-er.

Palmer was possibly kicked from the group for not uploading his Season 5 perspective but continued to remain friends with some of the Cube members. Palmer however participated in other UHC series.  


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Peckett was a participant in UHC Season 12, the Ender Dragon Race Season. Prior to Season 12, Peckett was known as a Speed UHC player for owning the server. As a result, beginning of the season, Peckett found it difficult to adjust from Speed UHC gamemode to ordinary UHC. Peckett individually came in 15th in death order but was ranked 20th for failing to enter the End. Meanwhile his team came in 3rd in death order but was ranked 7th for failing to enter the End.

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Peckett was teamed up with veterans and former winners Graser and Kiingtong (Will) to form the Gray Team which was renamed the Ugly Robots as both Peckett and Will changed their skin to match Graser’s robot skin. The team began well as they found enough diamonds for enchantments in Episode 1 but only entered the Nether in Episode 6. Ugly Robots unfortunately found themselves on an “island” with their portal dangerously on the edge. It was then the chat announced that D Team had activated the Ender portal. Graser wanted to rush into the End but Will wanted to at least find Blaze rod first. Once they got themselves a Blaze rod, Ugly Robots exited the Nether using D Team’s Nether portal and found themselves 1000 blocks away from the End portal. Ugly Robots were unable to make enough distance as #ChiTownKillerz had won and killed the Ender Dragon. The remaining players then decided to end the season with a PVP fight with the last team standing taking the Secondary Winners title. Ugly Robots arrived at 0,0 and began bow-battling HBomb, Talekio and Tybzi from #ChiTownKillerz. Peckett however do not have arrows or golden apples and resorted to pick up, shoot and back away strategy. Despite that Peckett was continuously shot by #ChiTownKillerz’s powerful bows, rendering him to low hearts. Team Kerumbly Jam then arrived and killed HBomb. The remaining #ChiTownKillerz chose to run away while Ugly Robots continued chasing after them and in return were being pursued by Kerumbly Jam. Graser managed to kill Tybzi but the weakened Peckett was shot from behind by Straub from Kerumbly Jam and was subsequently eliminated. Peckett individually came in 15th in death order but was ranked 20th for failing to enter the End. Meanwhile his team came in 3rd in death order but was ranked 7th for failing to enter the End. 

Peckett’s transition from Speed UHC to UHC made him careless in the early episodes as he would take fall damage carelessly and even mined gold with stone pickaxe. However, after the initial mistakes, Peckett began to play the game more cautiously and would mostly follow Graser and Will’s lead.

Peckett was known to be closely associated with the Cube members and therefore it is very likely he would return for future seasons.


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Sky (aka. Skypercain) was a recurring player of the UHC series, participating in Season 6 and 7 along with his real life brother, Fin. In both seasons he participated, Sky uploaded his perspective in FinsGames, a YouTube channel named after his brother, which he co-owns. 

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Sky Twitter Avi
Sky debuted in Season 6 where he was randomly paired with his brother Fin to form the Team Bandits. Early in the season, a key control error made Sky fell into a pit which resulted in him being at half a heart. Fin was then needed to take most of the mining lead but he himself would gradually take PVE damage. While searching for food, Team Bandits spotted Minegal in the distance. As Fin had better health, Fin battled Minegal while Sky avoided the fight. Fin emerged victorious but a glitch made him lose Minegal’s head, weakening the team even more. Team Bandits later enchanted their gears but food became an issue. They surfaced for food and fought Team Slimes on the surface but their weakened hearts led to the brothers’ defeat. Sky individually came in 14th place while his team was ranked 8th overall.

Sky and his brother returned in Season 7 with a mumble plugin and immediately the brothers were hit with a severe connection issue. Fin spent most of his season’s run in spectating mode while Sky would wave in and out the server. For that Sky did not do much in his first episode and even had to rely on a gold chestplate dropped by a Zombie for armor. Sky’s commentary was later picked up by Kiingtong via mumble. Kiingtong snuck up to Sky and with poor armor and no resistance, Sky was easily killed. Sky was ranked 21st. 

Sky’s gamestyle can be described at adventurous as shown in Season 6. Despite being at 0.5 heart in Season 6, Sky would still ventured aggressively off on his own but would back away when he gets too far. In Season 6, Sky had also wasted a golden apple when he ate two of it back-to-back, negating the healing effect of one of the golden apples.

As Season 8 was a team season, Sky and Fin were not wanted by any teams for their poor connection performance in Season 7 and was eventually removed from the group. Fin was however reinvited for Season 11. It was unknown if Sky was invited for Season 11. Sky and Fin were also initially invited for Season 4 but could not make the recordings.

In Season 6, Sky and Fin were among the few teams highlighted by fans in the rigged randomizer controversy where fans believed that the randomizer was rigged which resulted in some coincidental pairing. During season, Sky and Fin were recording in the same room which generated some beliefs that the randomizer was rigged only for specific pairs like Sky and Fin so neither of them would gain advantage from looking into each others’ screen. 


Spryite was one of the original participants in UHC Season 1 and was the first player ever to land a PVP kill in the Cube UHC series when he killed ExplosiveBisket. Aside from being the first in the series to draw blood, he was also one of the few and the first player to die to suffocation. JWong was the second person to die to suffocation in Season 10. During his season's run, he was joined by Papawaffle as a commentary support.

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Spryite took an aggressive approach game style when he chose to go hunting early in the season with only iron gear but still manage to kill Explosive who was low and unarmored. Spryite lingered on the surface a little longer but eventually returned back into the cave to source for gold when he found an abandoned mineshaft. Zombies and skeletons swarmed him there, reducing him to a heart and a half. A desperate attempt to climb up and out resulted in getting himself suffocated to death by sand.  Spryite died while doing his outro for Episode 2 but his official death was in Episode 3 as the 40 minute mark had went off. He was placed 14th. 

Spryite never returned for a future season and have become inactive in Minecraft, claiming in a YouTube video that he was no longer interested in Minecraft. He however continued posting random videos in his channel


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Starboy (aka. Starboy103 and Kimbro Slice) was a player from Season 2 of the Cube UHC series, teaming up with Think and Pat to form team Smuggling Tea Professional. He was credited as the longest surviving player with 0.5 hearts.

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After being attacked by a series of three Creepers and a Skeleton mob in Episode 1, Starboy was left with 0.5 hearts for most of the game. This forced him to play a more passive support role for the team, focusing on cooking, smelting and base building while Think and Pat took on the mining exploration role. After Pat accidentally killed Think in a Baby Zombies fight, Pat lost motivation to mine and regrouped with Starboy to head to the surface to hunt for weaker players. As soon as Starboy surfaced, he was jumped by a Spider and killed him. Starboy individually came in 15th place while his team took 6th place overall.

As Starboy camped most of the season, his skills as both survival and PVP player was largely unknown. Starboy did show high level of patience in tolerating camping in his base for majority of his season until nearing the end of his season where he began urging Pat to regroup. 

Starboy did not return for future seasons for unknown reasons. His bad experience with Season 2 might have been a factor. 


Steelsaint (aka. SteelxSaint and Dan) was a player from UHC Season 2 and took on the leadership position for team (#)2MuchSwag alongside veteran player Kricken and newcomer Deactivate.

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(#)2Muchswag was relatively unfortunate as all three of them repetitively took damage from mobs. This make sourcing enough gold to heal all of them became very taxing. Mining turn even more difficult for Steelsaint when he had to rescue Kricken from an Enderman and later when Deactivate gave up on mining after ending up with 0.5 heart. Food also became a huge problem for the team as all three of them had to surface for it with Steelsaint resorting to fishing but could not fish enough to feed all of them. Just before Deactivate died to a Creeper mob, Steelsaint returned into his abandoned mineshaft to find more gold while Kricken wandered on the surface for apples and food but couldn’t find much. In the mineshaft, Steelsaint found enough diamonds for enchantment and obtained a significant amount of gold but his expedition in the mineshaft, unlighted, resulted in him constantly being attacked by mobs, nullifying the absorption and healing effects of the golden apples he ate. Steelsaint became demotivated and decided to regroup with Kricken to share his remaining golden apples and enchantment table. On his way to Kricken he was sandwiched by team Twerkaholics and was quickly killed. Steelsaint was individually placed in 12th while his team took 2nd place overall.

Steelsaint took on a conservative approach initially and can be considered as his team’s best survival player but nearing the end of his run, Steelsaint became more reckless as he would explore an abandoned mineshaft without lighting it up. Steelsaint was extremely against PVP-ing and preferred the mining for more gold, in contrasts to Kricken who preferred staying above. Steelsaint was also a relatively individualistic player, believing his teammates could fend for themselves despite their poor conditions. 

Steelsaint mentioned his interest in returning but was busy then. Steelsaint also had some issue with Bayani and Hbomb. It was possible that Steelsaint was not invited back since then. Steelsaint however did joined other UHC series organized by other YouTubers. 


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Ginger (aka. TheBestGinger and TheBestGinger9) was a participant and a last minute substitute in UHC Season 5. In Season 5, Ginger was the first victim in a series of unfair elimination for combat logging against mobs. Ginger was also known to be involved in Ginger-AP conflict as a result of joining Cube UHC.

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Ginger’s season run started well. With quick and early enchantments, Ginger went for an aggressive approach and headed to 0,0. He spotted no one at 0,0 but after passing it by, he heard a mining sound. At closer inspection, Ginger suspected a smooth stone arrangement to be unnatural. He dug into a cave and spotted the unenchanted Nick and killed him. Ginger continued hunting for players when he was hit with a lag spike. Ginger killed a Creeper and tried to reconnect but the server eliminated him, recognizing him as combat logging against the Creeper. Grape and Straub later suffered the same elimination in the same season. Ginger came in 20th place. 

Ginger’s was an active participation of other UHC series which make up his gamestyle as a decent survival player and aggressiveness in hunting for player. He was also known in his channel as a capable PVP-er. His ability to point out the unnatural smooth stone formation displayed his well-versed knowledge on Minecraft.

Prior to Season 5, Ginger was involved in Aureus Pupillam (AP) UHC. Due to Ginger's channel policy to join 1 UHC group at a time and wanting to expand his channel, he accepted Graser's offer to join the Cube UHC and quit AP UHC group. This caused conflicts between him and AP's fan and to some extend, to AP members as well. Ginger did not return for future Cube's UHC seasons and subsequently became inactive.

Ginger returned to YouTubing in May 2014. In his return video, Ginger mentioned in a text that the Mineplex UHC Season 5 (This refers to Cube UHC as Cube UHC was not an official name then and it was played in Mineplex server), was "The biggest mistake I've ever made", possibly referring to his cut connection with the AP group as a result of joining Cube UHC. Ginger also mentioned in a comment that "Grape and Jon are really nice, everyone else has huge heads"

Ginger continued to participate in future UHC and even organized UHC On Air which features several Cube SMP members.


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Vikk (aka. Vikkstar123 and VikkstarHD) was a recurring player of the Cube UHC series. He was one of the original casts in Season 1 and later returned for Season 4. He was infamously known in the series as the only known player to ever intentionally suicide in both seasons he participated. Vikk was also not included in Season 1 intro.

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Vikk’s Season 1 was unknown except that in episode 4 he killed himself, accidentally or on-purpose, as he did not upload his perspective after he failed to find enough gold to heal himself from 3 hearts.

It was unknown whether he disliked the UHC concept or he was not invited again, but Vikk did not return until Season 4, the Ender Rush season where he was teamed with his chosen partner, Lizzie and randomly paired with Dolphin and Ashley to form the Red Team. The Red Team spawned near the Ender Portal and they decided to build a base there with Vikk leading the team. Being one of the more experienced players in his team, he and Dolphin initially took the role as the main miners. After the death of Dolphin to a combination of Cave Spiders and Zombie, Lizzie and Ashley joined him mining. The team managed to source some gold and get all of them to decent hearts before heading out to hunt. Unfortunately, because the Ender Rush season demanded a lot of camping activities, the Red Team could not find anyone and returned to their base where Ashley and Lizzie then died by accidental suicide to flint-and-steel. Vikk was left alone with significantly low hearts from environmental damage. After getting himself to 1 heart, he intentionally killed himself with a bow shot to end his game. 

In Season 4, Vikk is shown to be a relatively courageous player as he was one of the two members in his teams to originally take on the mining role. Vikk took on the leadership role for the Red Team where he would guide his members on what to do. Aside from mining, Vikk took part in other duties including assisting Ashley in building the base around the portal. He also went out of his way to rescue Dolphin when Dolphin was stuck in an abandoned mineshaft with Cave Spiders. Palmerater and Kricken also mentioned that Vikk was an excellent PVP-er. Vikk was however a poor survival player, repeatedly taking fall damage, claiming he was not use to the transition from normal Survival to UHC mode. Out of all the Red Team members, Vikk was the most concious to the UHC rules despite the ironic fact that he was kicked for breaking the rules.

Vikk’s return to Season 4 was rumored to be Think’s insistence in re-inviting him as a return favor from Graser for inviting Tomahawk, someone Think did not like. It should also be noted that Vikk had been recording with Graser before Season 4, indicating Vikk did have a relationship with Graser and his return was not related to the Graser-Think drama

Vikk never returned for future seasons and after Think’s departure from the UHC group, it was unlikely he would ever return. It was speculated that Vikk was also kicked for not uploading his entire Season 4 persepctive and suicided in both seasons he participated. Vikk however continued to participate in other UHC series with other YouTubers

Vikk came in 12th in Season 1. In Season 4 he was individually placed 16th and his team was placed 6th (7th if including the Ender Dragon) overall. 


Willybix (aka. EatDatWillybix) aka the Happy Moderator by his Hive community was a participant of UHC Season 1. Not much is known about his season as he did not upload his perspective but it was known from chat that he died to Skeleton and came in 16th place. Willybix did not return for future seasons and had expressed his lost of interest to Minecraft in Hive forum due to college and work. 


Yoshi (aka. YoshitoMario or HughMurrell) was a player in UHC Season 4, the Ender Rush Season. Yoshi was a regular member of the UHC roster for past seasons but could not make it due to scheduling problems. 

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Yoshi teamed with Palmer and was randomly paired with Tofuu and Poke to form the Blue Team. The Blue Team started extremely lucky when they spawned near a desert temple and a village. Yoshi then found a huge cave which later became their team’s base but Palmer had wandered off too far and subsequently mined without his teammates. Yoshi would later surfaced to look for Palmer and while doing so, Yoshi attacked multiple Zombies and Baby Zombies before returning back into the cave. Due to Zombie mobs came with a tracking mechanism, as a result Zombies were coming after Yoshi. A Zombie attacked Yoshi from the back, dwindling him to four hearts before a second Zombie blindsided and subsequently killed him. 

Despite being the newcomer in his team, Yoshi was a relatively decent survival player, not taking too much unnecessary damage during his run. Despite his tendency to wander off slightly, Yoshi regularly made attempts to get his team together. Yoshi was the first player eliminated from the season and was individually ranked 24th while his team took 5th place.

Yoshi never returned for future seasons for unknown reasons. He may have been kicked for strip mining or like some former participants, chose not to return after Think left the group as he was invited to the group by Think. Yoshi however, continued to participate in other UHC series.