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August 24, 2015


August 28, 2015

Hunger Games Tournament (also known as Outlive or YouTuber Hunger Games) consists of pairs of YouTubers fighting to survive the longest over a span of three rounds of Survival Games. Each team is awarded 1 point per teammate per minute surviving, and the team with the highest cumulative total at the end of all three rounds, wins.


Doy Doy:
  • PrivateFearless
Moderately Okay:
  • OMGChad
  • GizzyGazza
Stranger Danger:
  • W92Baj
  • AntVenom
Team Boogie:
  • Mousiemouse
  • Nettyplays
Team Duckbutt:
  • Aureylian
  • CaptainSparklez
Team Name:
  • CreeperFarts
  • MktheWorst
  • Sl1pg8r
A Fine Mess:

Game 1

Elimination Team Status Rank Team Rank
GizzyGazza ModeratelyOkay Slain By TheCreeperFarts 20th 10th
W92Baj Stranger Danger Slain By DFieldMark 19th 2nd
OMGChad ModeratelyOkay Hit The Ground Too Hard 18th 10th
Sl1pg8r Worstg8r Slain By PrIvateFearless 17th 9th
MKTheWorst Worstg8r Slain By Grapeapplesauce 16th 9th
TheCreeperFarts Team Name Hit The Ground Too Hard 15th 8th
NoBoom BoomField Slain By Kiingtong 14th 7th
Tofuugaming Team Name Hit The Ground Too Hard 13th 8th
DFieldMark BoomField Slain By Kiingtong 12th 7th
Kiingtong A Fine Mess Slain By HBomb94 11th 6th
Mousie_Mouse Team Boogie Was Burnt To A Crisp Whilst

Fighting Grapeapplesauce

10th 5th
NettyPlays Team Boogie Slain By HBomb94 9th 5th
Aureylian Team DuckButt Shot by AntVenom 8th 4th
Captainsparklez Team DuckButt Slain By AntVenom 7th 4th
8BitHomo 8BitBomb Burnt to a crisp whilst fghting


6th 3rd
HBomb94 8BitBomb Shot by PrivateFearless 5th 3rd
AntVenom Stranger Danger Shot by Grapeapplesauce 4th 2nd
PrivateFearless Team Doy Doy Winners of Round 1 1st 1st
Grapeapplesauce Team Doy Doy Winners of Round 1 1st 1st

Game 2

Elimination Team Status Rank Team Rank
Aureylian Team Duckbutt Slain by CreeperFarts 20th 10th
Captainsparklez Team Duckbutt Slain by CreeperFarts 19th 10th
AntVenom Stranger Danger Shot by Kiingtong 19th 9th
Graser10 A Fine Mess Shot by HBomb94 18th 7th
W92Baj Stranger Danger Shot by HBomb94 17th 9th
HBomb94 8BitBomb Slain by CreeperFarts 16th 8th
NettyPlays Team Boogie Staved to death 15th 6th
8BitHomo 8BitBomb Shot by DField 14th 8th
TheCreeperFarts Team Name Shot by Grapeapplesauce 13th 5th
Kiingtong A Fine Mess Slain by OMGChad 12th 7th
Mousie_Mouse Team Boogie Shot by Grapeapplesauce 11th 6th
Tofuugaming Team Name Shot by PrivateFearless 10th 5th
Sl1pg8r Worstg8r Slain by OMGChad 9th 4th
MKTheWorst Worstg8r Slain by GizzyGazza 8th 4th
GizzyGazza Moderately Okay Shot by Grapeapplesauce 7th 3rd
OMGChad Moderately Okay Slain by Grapeapplesauce 6th 3rd
DFieldMark BoomField Shot by Grapeapplesauce 5th 2nd
NoBoom BoomField Slain by Grapeapplesauce 4th 2nd
PrivateFearless Team Doy Doy Winners of Round 2 1st 1st
Grapeapplesauce Team Doy Doy Winners of Round 2 1st 1st

Game 3



Team Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Ranking
Team Name 15 17 2 34 10th
A Fine Mess 10 12 19 41 9th/8th
Team Boogie 20 15 6 41 9th/8th
BoomField 16 28 2 46 7th
Stranger Danger 23 8 22 53 6th/5th
Worstg8r 14 23 16 53 6th/5th
Moderately Okay 10 27 19 56 4th
Team Duckbutt 28 6 23 57 3rd
8BitBomb 34 11 16 61 2nd
Doy Doy 37 30 42 *111 1st
  • Aureylian incorrectly adds up Doy Doy's point to 111, when the actual score is 109.


  • Graser10 couldn't make it to the first recording because he needed to get a new microphone. This resulted in Kiingtong playing solo.
    • However, Graser did return to by the second round.
  • Many of the participants consist of the Cube SMP, Mindcrack, and UHShe roster. 
  • Team Boogie is a referenced to the first season of UHShe, where Mousie built a Disco House and inviting other participants to come in to boogie/dance.
    • It could also be a referenced to when she died and said "all I wanted to do was boogie".
  •  The server is
  • Graser's and Kiingtong's team name is "Organised Chaos", but on the chat it was dubbed as "A Fine Mess". 
  • Team Doy Doy were also the winners of every single game. 

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