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This lists all produced and accessible episodes for the fourteenth season of Cube Ultra Hardcore

Episode 1 - September 19, 2015

Participant Title and Link
8BitHomo "#JailBaitTornado"
Bayani "The Dream Team"
CreeperFarts "Episode 1"
Dfield "ChiTown"
Grapeapplesauce "Risky Situation"
Graser10 "Episode 1"
HBomb94 "The Fear Begins!"
HyperCraft "It All Begins Here"
JWingWangWong "Late to the Party"
Kiingtong "Shaders Again"
MlgHwnt "Worst Team Ever"
MrMitch361 "The Best Team"
NoBoomGaming "First Encounters!"
PatClone "Mumble To2"
Pokediger1 "Chicago Killers"
PrivateFearless "Teaching Will Spanish"
RumbleCrumble "R.I.Pieces"
StrauberryJam "Team JoeJam"
TheCampingRusher "Fastest Death Ever!!"
Tofuugaming "And It Begins!"
TYBZI "Flawless Beginning!"
Vasehh "Been A While!"

Episode 2 - September 21, 2015

Participant Title and Link
8BitHomo "Run For Our Lives!"
Bayani "Diamonds!"
CreeperFarts "Episode 2"
Dfield "X-Ray Hacker!"
Grapeapplesauce "Desperation Mode"
Graser10 "Episode 2"
HBomb94 "We're So Lucky!!"
HyperCraft "Hacks On!"
JWingWangWong "XRay Glitch"
Kiingtong "Trolling Isaac"
MlgHwnt "When Mobs Attack!"
MrMitch361 "2 Hearts Already?"
NoBoomGaming "Deal or no Deal!?
PatClone "Chased by the Border"
Pokediger1 "We Are Being Followed!?"
PrivateFearless "Broken Headphones?"
StrauberryJam "Oh No Help Me!!"
TheCampingRusher "Surprise Voice Scares Me!!"
Tofuugaming "Scary Accidents"
TYBZI "Too Many Diamonds!"
Vasehh "Trade Off!"

Episode 3 - September 23, 2015

Participant Title and Link
8BitHomo "Are We Being Followed?"
Bayani "Moving In!"
CreeperFarts "Enemies Spotted"
Dfield "Hello Rusher!"
Grapeapplesauce "Half a Heart?!"
Graser10 "Episode 3"
HBomb94 "Being Stalked!!"
HyperCraft "The Chase Begins!"
JWingWangWong "Border Closing In?!"
Kiingtong "Who Was That?!"
MlgHwnt "Excuse Me While I Suck For a Bit"
MrMitch361 "Enchanting Glitch"
NoBoomGaming "Grape! Watch Out!"
PatClone "Through the Mineshaft"
Pokediger1 "Stay Away!!"
PrivateFearless "Ready For Battle..."
StrauberryJam "I Hear Voices!"
TheCampingRusher "Hunting DField & TYBZI!"
Tofuugaming "Hearing Enemies"
TYBZI "Down to Fight!"
Vasehh "Caving!"

Episode 4 - September 25, 2015

Participant Title and Link
8BitHomo "We Must Go Deeper"
Bayani "Where Is Everyone??"
CreeperFarts "First Blood"
Dfield "Silent Assassin!"
Grapeapplesauce "A Sliver of Hope?!"
Graser10 "Episode 4"
HBomb94 "Epic Chase"
HyperCraft "BANG!"
JWingWangWong "If We Had a UHC Commentator"
Kiingtong "So Many Diamonds"
MlgHwnt "Straub's A Cheater!
MrMitch361 "Ready For Battle"
NoBoomGaming "Starvation!"
PatClone "Resurfacing"
Pokediger1 "Don't Do This To Me!!"
PrivateFearless "20+ Diamonds?!"
StrauberryJam "Stalking the Prey!"
TheCampingRusher "Battle With DField!"
Tofuugaming "Stalking and Fighting"
TYBZI "Found Rusher!"
Vasehh "On the Hunt"

Episode 5 - September 27, 2015

Participant Title and Link
Bayani "Stalking People!"
CreeperFarts "Episode 5"
Dfield "Stacked!"
Grapeapplesauce "Fully Regened?"
Graser10 "Episode 5"
HyperCraft "Hello!?"
JWingWangWong "A Grave Mistake"
Kiingtong "On The Hunt!"
MrMitch361 "Jump Attack"
NoBoomGaming "Apple Farming!"
PatClone "Silence is Key"
PrivateFearless "More Spanish"
StrauberryJam "The Border"
Tofuugaming "Up and Out"
TYBZI "We Hear You!"
Vasehh "Did You Hear That?"

Episode 6 - September 29, 2015

Participant Title and Link
Bayani "Somebody Dies!"
CreeperFarts "Episode 6"
Dfield "My Best Friend CreeperFarts"
Grapeapplesauce "Hearing Voices!"
Graser10 "Episode 6"
HyperCraft "Battle Begins!!"
JWingWangWong "The Snow is Falling"
Kiingtong "Hey Bayani"
MrMitch361 "Epic Bow Battles"
NoBoomGaming "Hearing Voices?!"
PatClone "Defenseless"
PrivateFearless "Who is That?"
StrauberryJam "Raining Arrows!"
Tofuugaming "Underdog Fight"
TYBZI "Combat Engage!"
Vasehh "Here We Go!"

Episode 7 - October 01, 2015

Participant Title and Link
Dfield "Sneak Attack"
Grapeapplesauce "Our Last Hope"
Graser10 "Episode 7"
Kiingtong "Shhhh, People!"
NoBoomGaming "Our Cover Is Blown!"
PrivateFearless "Robot?"
StrauberryJam "Sneak Attack"
Tofuugaming "Silent Strike"
TYBZI "Straub & Tofuu?!"
Vasehh "They Can Hear Us!"

Episode 8 - October 03, 2015

Participant Title and Link
Grapeapplesauce "God Shots"
Kiingtong "Let's Finish This"
NoBoomGaming "War Has Begun"
PrivateFearless "The Godshots!"
StrauberryJam "2V1"

Episode 9 - October 05, 2015

Participant Title and Link
Grapeapplesauce "Finale!"
Kiingtong "What happened?"
NoBoomGaming "The Season Finale!"
PrivateFearless "What the?"
StrauberryJam "The Final Shot"

After The Game - October 05, 2015

Participant Title and Link
Grapeapplesauce "After the Game"
Graser10 "After The Game"
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