The Cube has attended a few conventions that have taken place or has been announced. This page lists the conventions they have attended and future conventions they are planning to attend. Please list the Cube members that have attended the particular convention, with videos, photos, and screenshots added in the gallery. Include the dates of which the particular event took place, plus city/area. 

PAX (Penny Arcade Expo)

PAX Logo
PAX Logo
Participant(s) {{{participant(s)}}}
Date(s) August 29 - September 1 (Prime 2014)

January 23 - January 25 (South 2015)
March 6 - March 8 (East 2015)
August 28 - August 31 (Prime 2015)

Location Seattle, Washington (Prime)

Boston, Massachusetts (East)
San Antonio, Texas (South)

PAX Prime 2014

Pax Prime was the first convention where most of the Cube SMP guys met for the first time. PAX Prime is a gaming convention and was hosted in Seattle in 2014. The Cube SMP members had their very first meet-up outside the convention centre and they estimated 300-400 people turned up.

Vlogs and Videos

PAX East 2015

PAX East was the third convention the Cube members attended, and it was also StrauberryJam and Bee's first time in America. This was also the convention where Graser technically did his official face reveal. The guys had a meetup on Saturday of that weekend where an estimated 400 was supposed to show up, but around 2000 do. The police had to shut the meetup down. On the Sunday of that weekend they also had a panel and a meet and greet inside the convention centre.

Vlogs and Videos

Bayani - Vlog 1, Vlog 2

Rusher - Vlog 1, Vlog 2


Minecon Logo
Minecon Logo
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Date(s) {{{date(s)}}}
Location {{{location}}}

Minecon is a convention held by Minecraft creator Notch. The convention is all about Minecraft. It is in different locations around the world, and usually sells fast due to the large Minecraft fan base.

Minecon 2015

Several Cube members and Cube-related YouTubers such as Graser10, Hbomb94, StrauberryJam, HeyImBee, Grapeapplesauce, StacyPlays, ParkerGames, FinsGraphics, Kiinqtonq and Defek7 attended Minecon in London 2015 on the 4th and 5th of July 2015.

They had a meet-up in front the Minecon convention centre on the 5th of July at 3:00 pm (local time).

Vlogs and Videos

Graser10 - Vlog 1, Vlog 2

StacyPlays - Panel, Vlog 1, Vlog 2, Vlog 3

FinsGraphics - Vlog 1, Vlog 2, Vlog 3

HeyImBee - Vlog 1


Vidcon Logo
Vidcon Logo
Participant(s) {{{participant(s)}}}
Date(s) June 26 - June 28 (2014)

July 23 - July 25 (2015)

Location Southern California

Vidcon 2014

Vidcon 2015

Vlogs and Videos

DulJuice - Vlog 0, Vlog 1, Vlog 2, Vlog 3, Vlog "+1"


Advertising, Meetup, and Panels 


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