• NiightOwl


    July 23, 2018 by NiightOwl

    I was just browsing through some old memories and tried to change my profile on this but its been locked to prevent editing, even by myself XD

    I know no-one is left on this wiki to read this, but if you stumble back here one day like I have I'd like to let you know that I'm doing good :) Still studying, still learning, still miss you guys. I hope you're doing good too.

    I've grown a lot since I've been on here; grown up even, and yet I'm still the same person. I still use my N :) persona online; that started here. This was where N was born. I stalked this wikia for months as an Anon before I finally got the guts to create an account - did I ever tell any of you that?

    People come and go in your life - whilst the Cube SMP is no longer, it lives …

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  • Annanoel1234

    How Cute!

    December 10, 2017 by Annanoel1234

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm glad I found this, it's great to find other people who share the same interest as me. I found this super cute 8-Bit heart necklae on Etsy that I'm getting my boyfriend and I for Christmas, and you guys should really check it out. It's for any gamer or creater or artist who has a passion for the classic 8-Bit style, and it looks super cute. It could really be for anything, from any game. What do you guys think?

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  • TrashyCubeFan

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Logan, or some of you may remember me as "Cube Fan" on this wiki. I have been dealing with life and decided to take a long break from this wiki. I created a new account due to the fact that I wanted to post this and I cannot reach my old account.

    Apparently, according to Cube Member NoBoom, the Cube is now OVER. Check it out in this video. I have no idea if any of you are going to continue to contribute to this wiki, but I will not. I will be checking back on this post to see how everyone feels. It is unfortunate that this has happened, but all good things must come to an end...

    Best Wishes,

    Cube Fan (Logan)

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  • EchoInck

    Hello fellow cube wiki people.

    I guess this is technically Blog 3, because I did make one on Season 19 predictions and one on something else.

    But getting started, I don't know how to do these. XD (Facepalm x2) Anyway, Huahwi did state on Twitter he will make a video after Christmas, because we aren't good enough to get one ON Christmas. Ugh.. 

    Huahwi also rode his bike and some stalker found him. That was interesting. What is with Huahwi and riding bikes for 5 hours straight...  UHC Season 19 Predictions now, lets get this going! Right off the start, I honestly don't think Fin would win another season, unless Dfield doesn't come back. In this case, maybe. Grapeapplesauce doesn't seem strong enough anymore in UHC. Not a threat. Huahwi might po…

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  • EchoInck

    Another Cube quiz!

    December 16, 2016 by EchoInck

    Got another cube quiz up and running! Check it out, tell me what you got.

    Quiz Link

    Like last time, sending out tweets to TBT, B.E, AU, Jammy, & Lily.

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  • EchoInck


    December 16, 2016 by EchoInck

    Hey Jammy.

    I heard that you are leaving the cube wiki. Wiki is a stressful place, I know that much. 

    If this is true, I'll miss you and your hard work on here. 

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  • TBThardyfan000

    Hey what's up my Friends TBT here and IT's been a long time since I've done a Blog or been on this wiki for a long period of time in general but I just want to thank everyone who has been working there butts off trying to keep this wiki up to date. Today's actually my 2 year anivarsary on this wiki and I remember back when it was only a few of us editting people like B.E,Green,Hash,Brandon,Logan,N,and Myself along with a few other people man the memories and it's crazy how far this wiki has came the last few years and I'm excited to see this wiki to continue to grow over the next couple of years. Anyways I know that most of the Admin team has been inactive but thank you to everyone who has been kept this wiki up to to date in our absence o…

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  • EchoInck

    Hello everyone 

    So I  created a quiz on jetpunk over the Cube wiki: The 10 Most points by a Cube Wiki'er.

    I was kinda bored and decided to create it, and wanted some of you to try it out. Later on I will create others for the actual Cube too, which will be super interesting.

    I will also send tweets out to you guys too when I can. (Burning, AU, Jammy, Lilysplash, TBT)


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  • NiightOwl


    November 29, 2016 by NiightOwl

    In just under 3 hours time it will be my 2 year anniversary on this Wiki! (As N anyway - I was anon waayyyy before that haha)

    Just want to say thanks to everyone I've worked with and chatted to over the past years and hopefully I'll see you around for the next few too ^-^

    -N :)

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  • Jammydonuts


    November 29, 2016 by Jammydonuts

    Why don't you look at that!

    This Wiki has been through 20 000 edits on the mainspace! (Articles). In my opinion this is such a huge milestone for the wiki and I'd like to thank anyone who's been a part of it! 

    Cheers to Edje, the rest of the admin team (who probably won't be here to read this), and everyone else who has edited this wiki before and after my arrival.

    Have a good one!


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  • Jammydonuts

    New Badges!

    November 26, 2016 by Jammydonuts


    I have added some new badges which are now available through editing the Cube UHC Seasons specifically, and naming them after the members of the Cube, like Dfield, NoBoom, PrivateFearless and many more!

    In addition to those, I have revamped all of the wiki contribution badges and turned them into Cube Members as well! I have logically (as logical as I can that is) allocated specific members to these pages! For example, the Graser badge is achieved when 365 days have been spent on the wiki, this is because Graser has been in all Cube UHC's. Poke is next of couse therefore he is 200 days spent on the wiki, followed by TYBZI, as Grape has a different badge assigned to him!

    So good luck on getting these badges, hope you like them! If you t…

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  • ParkerGames

    Breaking Records ^^

    November 23, 2016 by ParkerGames

    Weeeeelp, as you could see in one of Grasers videos, he STOPED the Cube SMP S.3.

    And i broke a record ^-^

    I got the fewest episode amount of em all!

    I just wanted to show you what ive been doing off cam (not in a video sorry, bcz i didnt record)

    1. The 1st time i died was in that big fight in the beginning of the series.

    2. I set up an AFK death trap for myself and collected about 800 heads. My death amount is on 925 O.o!

    3. I made a water house which i drowned in many times building it.

    4. Ive been (AFTER episode 2) collecting myself about 4 elytras (including the one i did in Ep.2)

    5. Me and H decided to start on a massive village RIGHT when the server was /stoped by Graser ...

    So there you go!

    Have an awsome day Jeffreys!

    ParkerGames (talk) 11:24,…

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  • ParkerGames

    Waddup Jeffreys?

    November 19, 2016 by ParkerGames

    Hello all beutiful pepole all over the Internet! My name is Parker and wellcome to this, what is it? A blog post (i dunno).

    I just wanted to tell you that ive been messing around here a lot but not editing and im ready to help you get some better facts for the Wiki.

    So.. I dunno what to talk about next! I guess ill go over to some pages reading and.. Compleatly change them lol.


    ParkerGames (talk) 19:07, November 19, 2016 (UTC)

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  • AntluntiumHarry

    Hello ladies and gents! Today i will proudly announce that I will be opening my MC Realm and make it into a cube fan server that i will be uploading to YouTube!

    Wanna join? I got (at moment of writing) 19 slots open for Players. COPYnPASTE The sing up form down below and awnser the Q's. Hopefully you can join :)

    Minecraft Username:

    Shortname (not needed):

    Speciality (Building etc.):

    Favorite Cube Member:

    How long youve been watching cube:



    Skype (not needed):

    RECORDING TO YOUTUBE? (Not needed):

    YT Link:

    Gender (Im trying to have a even amount):

    Promise to not greif:

    Promise to play NICE pranks:

    Promise to be Nice to EVERYONE:

    Birthday (Not needed):

    Minecraft Username: harry7033

    Shortname: Harry

    Speciality: Building

    Fav. Cube member: Parker_Games …

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  • EchoInck

    UHC Season 19

    October 31, 2016 by EchoInck

    So Cube UHC season 19 is confirmed by Graser10 & Kiingtong. (And even though Will makes clickbait titles, they were both being serious about it in the last 20 seconds of the vid) So what is your guys opinion with a UHCs not 5 months apart? Who will win this season?

    I definitely don't think Grape will win, He's gotten slower and rusty, and whilst being one of the better ones still, he might never be the best again.

    Dfield has another shot at winning his 3rd season. He is a great player with great strategies, and overall might win again.

    iIFnATiK is a great solo uhc player (despite s.19 being a team season) and I really think that if he plays well, he has a shot at this.

    Curtis could take a second win, being a great UHCer, and taking his skill f…

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  • Jammydonuts


    October 14, 2016 by Jammydonuts


    Camp 'twas fun. I got waist deep in mud, capsized off a banana boat, lost a bunch of stuff and toasted marshmallows!

    I also was the only one who survived the one-roped bridge across te river that was been swung by the teachers as you tried to cross so yeah I feel accomplshed.

    Now I have a week worth of Youtube to watch before school on Monday. 

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  • EchoInck


    October 13, 2016 by EchoInck
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  • Jammydonuts

    First World Problems

    October 9, 2016 by Jammydonuts

    So I have camp for a week this week and I can't get out of this school holiday vibe. 


    This isn't really blogging is it? Oh well.

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  • Jammydonuts

    Dear Diary,

    Is this how you blog?


    Yes I'm bored.

    Help me.

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  • EchoInck

    Favorite Cube UHC?

    October 4, 2016 by EchoInck

    Just curious, what is your guy's favorite Cube UHCs? They were all good, most of them were amazing. My favorite is Season 7, 2nd is Season 11, & 3rd is Season 18.

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  • Lilysplash5181

    Hey I'm Lilysplash!

    I just realized there's a blog option on this wiki page.  Clueless, right?

    Anyway, I just wanted to introduce random facts and things about me... Very unimaginative, I know.

    So, the name Lilysplash came from when I was obsessed with the Warriors Cats series by Erin Hunter (still am!).  A typical Clan cat's name would have a prefix and a suffix, both usually nature-related.  So lillies are my favorite flowers, and it didn't help that I have a friend named Lili, so I used that as my prefix.  The "splash" derived from when I was looking into the SkyClan comics, and found a cat with the name Nettlesplash, meaning that "splash" is a possible suffix to use.  I've always considered myself a RiverClan cat (though now I'm debating …

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  • AwkwardKing

    Thank you

    April 16, 2016 by AwkwardKing

    I just want to say a big than you to everyone who has joined recently and been very active! As a lot of the mod team are very in-active/busy at the moment all the help is greatly appreciated! Also wlecome to the community! :D

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  • TFerm

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  • Auforgold

    Cube SMP Season 3

    March 6, 2016 by Auforgold

    Cube SMP Season 3 is coming soon! There possibly could be new members joining, so this season is hype. One question though, #TeamBee or #TeamStraub?

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  • TBThardyfan000

    Man it's been awhile since I last posted a blog and I've been stuck with life and working on YouTube you know I returned to the wiki a few days ago just to check up on things and to stop bye for old times sake and I gotta say it's kinda weird not seeing my old friends N, Logan, Brandon and the others sad to say there not currently active and I saw that they were demoted but because of being in active not for any bad terms what's so ever but anyways I came back I'm thinking about taking time off from youtube and coming back to the wiki and being way more active because to be honest I missed this wiki. And this is wiki actually means alot to me personally not just because I'm a huge cube fan but it helped me deal with my depression. When I s…

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  • Auforgold

    Cube Revive?

    February 12, 2016 by Auforgold

    I feel like the Cube is getting revived. It was first Hbomb, starting the Cube series again, and now it is Poke :D

    Let's hope more people bring back the Cube.

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  • TFerm

    The winners of Cube vs. H3M Season 2 has been revealed! The winners are Huahwi and PrivateFearless!

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  • TFerm

    Hello, this is TFerm! I am taking a survey on which players everyone thinks will win in Cube vs. H3M UHC. Yes, I know the survey is a bit late, as I only joined the wiki several days ago. However, for future Cube UHC seasons, and Cube vs. H3M seasons, the survey will be released earlier. How do you take it? Just comment who you think will win! Easy peasy! (I hope there's commenting for blog posts, it's my first one.)

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  • Rcimpey1234


    January 16, 2016 by Rcimpey1234
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  • NiightOwl

    Till the next time

    January 16, 2016 by NiightOwl

    I don't really know why I logged back in, maybe to reminisce about the good times

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  • Orcawhale5123

    Top 10 Cube Favorites

    December 22, 2015 by Orcawhale5123

    Please leave a message stating your top 10 favorite Cube members! After about a month, I will release everybody's top 10 and see who has the most votes!

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  • AwkwardKing

    I'm back!!!!

    December 17, 2015 by AwkwardKing


    So I moved house, then stuff happened, then my laptop broke and now it's now  and Christmas and stuff!!! So yeah, hey! ;D 

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  • TBThardyfan000

    Hey what's up my friends it's TBT here and Damn it's been forever since I've done a blog but anyways guys I'm coming back to the wiki during Christmas break to help out a bit so yeah. But any I'm sure you've guys have heard the news by know that bayani will be leaving youtube after December which sucks since I'm a huge bayani fan and uhc season 15 will be his final season I'm 95% sure on that so bayani will be my choice for the winner of cube uhc season 15. Which season 15 will be solo and solo are my favorite type of season. Will talekio be in uhc season 15 I hope so he's a talented pvper and has like 3 wins already and has only competed in like 5-6 seasons and every time he make to the top 5. But honestly I'm pumped up for uhc season 15 …

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  • NiightOwl


    December 1, 2015 by NiightOwl

    Wow, it's been a while.

    Missed all this! I have been away for far too long guys :(

    College is insane XD

    Maybe I'll be able to find time to catch up on everything I have missed in the past, what is it, 6 months?

    Anyone know where I can start? ;'D

    See ya around!

    -N :)

    (Man I missed this)

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  • Bethany 2

    new to the cube

    November 15, 2015 by Bethany 2
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  • BurningEdje

    Cube UHC Tiers

    September 21, 2015 by BurningEdje

    I've been planning to do a tier tables of the Cube UHC participants. 

    This tier consists of the players that are capable of making to the finale, while maintaining a good track recod. They usually are the most dominant participants/teams. Usually great at PvP skills. 

    • Bayani (or T4)
    • Grape 
    • HBomb 
    • Tofuu
    • Talekio

    Tier four are the players that almost made it to the finale but still maintain their health while killing a few competitors. They usually play a passive-agressive game. 

    • Devon
    • Dfield
    • Defek (or T3)
    • DrPlayStation
    • Flexvoid (or T3)
    • Graser (or T3)
    • Huahwi (due to PvP skills)
    • Kiingtong
    • MC4Meh
    • MrMitch
    • Tomahawk (or T5)
    • Rusher
    • Tybzi

    Are average competitors, playing a passive game. They usually survive to the half-way mark, but aren't easily seen as a threat. Howev…

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  • TBThardyfan000

    Hey guy it's your your favorite crazy person TBT here and today I would like to talk about uhc season 14 and a small update on TBT ok first guys I will be active on the WIKI for along time I'm got going anywhere I've been thinking man I've got a lot on my plate with school, girlfriend, family,wiki, and a bunch of other stuff going on so decided that I won't leave the wiki I'll just work on it when I have some free time on my hands. Ok let's get into it there are 5 people that I want to debut or return to the cube uhc

    1. Aphmau I know for a while there have been rumors and gossip going around that Jess might join the uhc roster and maybe the next season of uhshe also I wrote in one of my past blog that she maybe will join the cube that would…

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  • OMGcookies

    Happy Internet Friend Day

    September 2, 2015 by OMGcookies

    My instagram friends have told me it's internet friend day so ya i'm sharing this here because...IDK :P 

    i'm sorry I can't edit a lot, but school man ;-;

    plus I have a instgram acccount to run so lotsa stress ( even though it sounds very petty x'D )


    edje, you suck            


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  • TBThardyfan000

    Hey guys it's your favorite crazy person TBT here and today guys my blog has nothing to do with the cube at all. This blog talks about me. So let's get into it so in my last blog I said that I was possibly leaving the wiki and after thinking about it I've decide to retire from the wiki (crying while writing this :_:) and the reason for leaving is well because... of my multiple personalities and I know it doesn't make sense now but if you want answers go talk to eddy I already told him everything that's going on. I'm not in the mood to talk about it look my last day will be October 31st (Halloween) but hey guys this isn't a good bye thing this is a see you later thing. Do think my girlfriend will still be joining the wiki also before I reti…

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  • TBThardyfan000

    Hey guys it's your favorite crazy person TBT here and today I'm making another prediction blog for uhc season 14. But first I got some things to say first congrats to akwardking he is the latest admin to join the staff so go congratulate him when u got a chance. Second I don't know when my girlfriend will make her debut on the WIKI our schedules are a little crazy at the moment but she should be coming very soon.  now third and finally this one I've talked about in the past but lately I've been debating whether to 100% retire from the wiki due to reason that I'll get into another time but I still don't know I'll update u guys on info when the the time comes. Ok now time for the prediction... wait it's impossible to give a prediction there …

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  • AwkwardKing

    Birthday + Busy

    August 25, 2015 by AwkwardKing

    Thought I'd just drop in and say.... It's my Birthday!!!! Also I'll be inactive for like a week, 'cos I'm moving house!!! Anyway, feel free to ask me any questions below :D - Awkward

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  • NiightOwl

    Life is crazy

    August 22, 2015 by NiightOwl

    So...this is awkward.


    Long time no see, am I right?

    I guess I just felt like checking in and saying hey, I'm alive, but I am still on an extended break from the Cube. IRL is crazy right now with relationships, health, education, the whole lot, so I just can't commit long hours to the Cube right now. Maybe you will see me in the next few months editing and updating again, I don't know. One thing is for sure, I will never abandon this wiki. I may be gone for a while, maybe even a long while (longer than it has been already atleast!) but I will eventually return :)

    And when I do, y'all in this little corner of the internet will be SO sick of me XD

    So in 'N SYNC style, (look it up, its catchy haha) BYE BYE BYE x

    -N :)

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  • Estoniass

    I am aware that I haven't been so active on the wiki, but I'd like to apologize and try to convince you with the reasons why my contributions are lacking.

    Reason #1: 

    I understand and can relate to the anxiety, depression and (in my case) hyperventilation school can bring. In addition to the already-normal situations, the family conflict (which kind of goes a little something like this:)

    and depression around me is hard to deal with.

    But it's fine. I"m still cool as a... dead turkey.


    Reason #2: Extra-curricural activities such as my swim meetings and attempting to upload to YouTube has always been fun, but they reduce my time on the wiki. I am participating in a recorded UHC series (shoutout to Hashtag and the other people) which is sort…

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  • Eddybomb619

    Hey guys it's eddy here and currently I've been thinking about returning for a couple of months just for some fun also I heard that uhc season 14 is coming up very soon so I'm excited about that. Also I heard that TBT got a new girlfriend or something and she lives in Australia man TBT that's a really long distance relationship. But any ways just wanted to Announce my return I'll probably return by the end of August. But just a small update ok that's all for now guys talk later.

    Your buddy eddy

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  • TBThardyfan000

    Hey guys it's your favorite crazy person TBT and today I would like to announce that by the end of August or beginning of September I'm returning full time to the wiki also my girlfriend kish ( that's her Nick name) will possibly being joining the wiki ( if she does join please don't mention the multiple personalities disorder it is a lot for her to take in) but any ways I have tons of plans for my return u may see me make edit on occasions. Ok that's all for now I love u guys talk to u guys later TBT OUT.

    Your pal TBT

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  • TBThardyfan000

    Hey guys it's your favorite crazy person TBT here and today I'm gonna explain why I've been gone and something pretty personal in my opinion but I'm not going to make this a very long blog so I'm gonna get straight to the point my girlfriend recently found out that she has multiple personalities disorder which is the same disorder that I have so for the last couple weeks me and my friend Andrew have trying to her out. Look I know what it's like to have this disorder it sucks big time for years I've been treated like a freak and I don't want anything like this to happen to her so I won't be very active I think that my girlfriend is more important than working on the WIKI at the moment :_: look I'll return but for now my girlfriend needs me.…

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  • Tofuudiger1

    Ryan and Kevin?

    August 7, 2015 by Tofuudiger1

    So I was looking at the cube members and the uhc members and I know that Dolphin and Kevin left the cube but why aren't they on either list? I mean Bayani and Dul are, so....? I know that lately Dolphin hasn't posted anything, but Kevin is still making minecraft videos. Maybe I am just really behind on stuff...

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  • AwkwardKing

    UHC Season Summaries

    August 5, 2015 by AwkwardKing

    I'll create this blog post to make it easier for completing all the Summaries!! 

    AwkwardKing - Tofuugaming, Stacysays, Parkergames

    BurningEdje - Bayani, Dul, 8Bit, Kricken

    Below if you just leave which players/teams you've either confirmed/started creating their summaries, or which you would like to do! Then we can work out who is left from there! :D

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  • AwkwardKing

    UHC S14 Ideas

    August 4, 2015 by AwkwardKing

    I thought, just to make it easier, we could all share any ideas we had for S14 in one post and that way all our ideas can be heard!! Any ideas, leave them in the comments!

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  • Eddybomb619

    Hey guys it's your buddy eddy here today is a up and down type of day the good news my cousin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she was born on July 30th at 10:30P.M  I might put some pictures of the baby on my wiki page if I remember. Ok time for the bad News I'm retiring from the wiki  which sucks because I had some many things that I wanted to do but I've been very busy. The reason why I'm leaving is we'll school and I'm getting a job this coming fall and winter also ok for the record no one I the cause of me leaving in fact I really like u guys your all awesome and the wiki it's self I looks amazing and has a bright future. One last thing I don't know when or I'll be return anytime soon but I might make small returns here and there w…

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