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Big Money









Big Money

Date Joined

December 7, 2013

Date Left

January 2014



Cube SMP
Date Joined

December 2013

Date Left

January 2014 (last video posted)

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Big Money was a former YouTuber and Kermit's roommate. He is an alleged former Cube member

He first appeared in Cube SMP in the first season, until he left in the middle of the season. 

History on YouTube

His stay on YouTube was short-lived. Recording a few videos such as Cube SMP or collaborating with his roommate Kermit, he wasn't focused on recording. He would often go weeks without posting or recording a video.

He officially left YouTube when Kermit confirmed that he was no longer interested in Minecraft or YouTube and has moved to Arizona. 

Ended Series

  • Survival Games
  • Cube SMP
  • Hexxit
  • Various Minigames
  • Left 4 Dead: No Mercy
  • Vlogs

Cube SMP

Season 1 

Main article: Cube SMP (Season 1)

Kermit invited him to the Cube, was whitelisted and was able to get on the server. He recorded three episodes of the Cube before he completely abandoned his channel. Kermit officially confirms that Big Money is no longer interested in Minecraft/YouTube and has moved to Arizona .

Cube Member Status

His status of being a Cube member was always being questioned as he never received a proper introduction from Graser. He also never interacted with any of the other members, with the exception of Kermit. Although his time was short, he did build a monument near Kricken's home, which would be taken down later on. He has not appeared since and viewers never received a clear answer on his status as a Cube member. 


  • Big is the only Cube SMP member to have never participate in any season of UHC. 
  • Graser never mentioned him being an official member. 
  • Big Money joined the Cube SMP at an unknown date. 
  • He posted his first YouTube video on December 15th, 2013.
  • The last video he posted before he abandoned his YouTube channel was a Left 4 Dead video on January 27th, 2014.
  • He stayed the least amount of time in Cube SMP (Season 1). Approximately, 5 weeks. 


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